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Build the Strongest Masha Tank in 2022, Frustrate Enemies!

Masha Mobile Legends

Hello BugisTekno friends, hopefully in good health always, in this review the admin will discuss the composition of the strongest Masha tank build that can frustrate the enemy.

Yep, recently Masha, who is known as a fighter hero, is back in popularity by playing the role of a tank. Of course this is quite surprising, because basically Masha’s skills have no advantage in terms of crowd control.

However, Masha’s special uniqueness which has layered HP turns out to be very useful in acting as a tank roamer. Because it can restore HP in a few seconds, so there is no need to recall often back to base.

Of course, that way Masha can go back to zoning, open the map and rotate quickly. Well, for those of you who are interested in playing Masha tank’s hero, please refer to the following strongest build arrangement.

Masha’s Skills Explanation

Before going into the main discussion, the admin will first explain about Masha’s skills so that you can play them better. In addition, you can also find out the reason why Masha is good as a tank.

Well, as for the number of skills Masha has, there are five consisting of one passive skill and four active skills. Immediately, see the following full explanation:

  • Passive Skill – Ancient Strength: Masha has 3 HP bars and will die after losing the last bar. He also gets an additional attack when his HP is low.
  • Skill One – Wild Power: Masha increases her movement speed and DPS, but she will lose HP continuously.
  • Skill Two – Howl Shock: Through this skill, Masha roars forward and releases Energy Shock at the target. In addition, it can also cause affected enemies to be unable to attack for 2 seconds.
  • Ultimate Skill – Thunderclap: Masha uses 50% of her current HP to run to attack the target. Deals damage and causes a slow effect to the opponent.
  • Special Skill – Life Recovery: Masha uses all her energy to recover 1 bar of her HP. However, must not be in the fight.

Based on the explanation of Masha’s skills above, it can be concluded that the reason that Masha is good as a tank is because she has 3 layers of HP bars so it is not easily overthrown. He can also inflict grievous damage to the opponent with an additional attack when his HP is getting lower even though he uses a defense item.

In addition, Masha can also run quickly through the other skill to chase or run away. As well as being able to restore his HP through his special skills.

Build the Strongest Masha Tank

Next, go into the discussion of the build structure. Even though you already know that Masha will act as a tank so you need defense items, you also shouldn’t be careless in choosing defense items.

Therefore, just take a look at the list of the strongest Masha tank builds in the BugisTekno version below:

Build the Strongest Masha
  • Warrior Boots: Increases movement speed, physical defense and passively increases physical defense every time it takes damage.
  • Dominance Ice: Increases mana, physical defense, movement speed, cooldown reduction and passively reduces the opponent’s HP regen.
  • Guardian Helmet: Increases HP, HP regen and passively restores HP every second.
  • Twilight Armor: Increases HP, physical defense and passive deals additional magic damage every 2 seconds.
  • Cursed Helmet: Increases HP, magical defense, and passive deals a little magic damage to nearby enemies every second.
  • Brute Force Breastplate: Increases HP, physical defense and passive increases movement speed, physical and magic defense every time using a skill or basic attack.

Masha’s Emblems and Spells

In addition to the build, to maximize Masha in her role as a tank also requires the selection of the right emblem and spell. The good emblem for Masha tank is the emblem Tank with talent Concussive Blast.

Masha's Emblems and Talents

Meanwhile, for the selection of a suitable spell for Masha, the spell Sprint which can support the basic abilities of Masha’s skills so that she is able to run faster. That way, you can rotate, chase or run away from the enemy quickly.

If that was the review regarding the build structure of the sick Masha tank, emblems, spells and an explanation of the skills. Good luck and don’t forget to share to your social media so that it can be useful for many people.