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Build Xavier's Pain in 2022, Can Attack Remotely!

Xavier Mobile Legends

Hello friends, hopefully you are always in good health, on this occasion the admin will share a recommendation for the sickest Xavier build that can attack enemies remotely.

Yep, we know Xavier is a new hero with a unique role mage that can attack enemies throughout the land of dawn. Xavier can attack enemies in distant positions using laser shots from his ultimate skill.

You could say, Xavier is the second hero in Mobile Legends besides Moskov who is able to shoot in a wide direction. Even so, you also need to aim properly to fit the target.

Well, for those of you who are interested in playing Xavier’s hero, it’s a good idea to know the worst build order so you can beat your opponent easily.

Xavier’s Skills Explanation

Before discussing Xavier’s sickest build, the admin will first discuss Xavier’s skills. Moreover, this Xavier hero is still quite new. Therefore you must understand the various skills of Xavier before using them.

The skills possessed by Xavier’s hero consist of four, namely one passive skill and three active skills. Alright, just look at the following explanation.

  • Passive Skill – Transcendence: Xavier’s passive skill has three stages in increasing his ability. The first stage is to increase the damage skill, the second is the skill width and the third stage is to reduce the cooldown of the skill. However, this only applies when Xavier’s skill hits the opponent.
  • Skill One – Infinite Extension: Xavier will fire Mystic Bullet in the specified direction and deal damage to the opponent. The attack distance of this skill can be increased if it hits the opponent or Mystic Barrier.
  • Skill Two – Mystic Field: Xavier will raise a Mystic Barrier which can cause a slow effect on opponents who are touched. Meanwhile, this second skill can also widen and become a forbidden area when hit by skill one attack.
  • Ultimate Skill – Dawning Light: Xavier will emit Mystic Magic light towards the target and deal damage to opponents who are in one line on the map.

Based on the explanation above, to play Xavier’s hero you can take advantage of the use of his skills starting with skill two then continue with skill one.

Because these two Xavier skills will form a circle area when hit by skill one. And opponents who are hit or are in the area will be silent for a while.

Then, you can use Xavier’s ultimate skill, especially when there are opponents who have little HP left. You can target the opponent even if you are in a remote location, because this skill is able to attack all areas of the land of dawn.

Build Xavier Mobile Legends Hurts

After explaining Xavier’s hero skills, then the admin will go into the build discussion. Seeing some of the effects of Xavier’s skills, then we can describe the build that is suitable for this hero.

In terms of attributes, in addition to magic power Xavier also needs items to give a slow effect to the opponent. Then, also a little extra movement speed and penetration. Immediately, see the following list of Xavier builds with the BugisTekno version:

Build Xavier Hurts
  • Arcane Boots: Increases movement speed and magical penetration.
  • Enchanted Talisman: Increases magic power, HP, cooldown reduction and passive mana recovery and increases maximum cooldown.
  • Ice Queen Wand: Increases magic power, magical lifesteal, mana, movement speed and passively gives a slow effect on opponents affected by skill damage.
  • Genius Wand: Increases magic power, movement speed, magical penetration and passively reduces the opponent’s magic defense.
  • Holy Crystal: Increases magic power and passive magic attack enhancer which will increase as level increases.
  • Blood Wings: Increase magic power, HP and passive gain a shield equivalent to 200% magic power.

Xavier’s Emblems and Spells

In addition to the build, the admin has also prepared emblems and spells for Xavier. The emblem that fits Xavier is the emblem Mage with talent Magic Worship. You can see the complete set of emblems in the following image.

Xavier's Emblems and Talents

Then, for the actual spell selection, it depends on the draft side of the opposing hero you are facing. If your opponent has a lot of CC heroes, then you can use spells Purify or Flicker just. However, if you feel confident with the opponent’s hero draft then you can use it Flameshot.

That’s the article this time about the recommendations for the sickest Xavier build that can make the enemy difficult. May be useful.