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Road To Mythic Season 22 Mobile Legends, Better Solo or Mabar?

The new season of Mobile Legends a few days ago has just started. Now it doesn’t feel like Mobile Legends has entered season 22. Now, how about your rank in this season? What is Epic ? Well, all will experience a tier decline during the new season. If the new season is like this, there are still many who do push rank road to mythic again. However, should you be solo ranked or mabar?

It’s not only your account that has tiered down, all Mobile Legends accounts, both public and pro players, will all go down to epic, even 1000 stars.

If you want to be pushed ranked at the start of this new season, you should choose the game method. For example, you want to play together with teammates in a squad or play solo. There are advantages and disadvantages indeed between solo and playing together in five.

Road To Mythic, Choose Mabar or Solo Rank?

road to mythic

Even if you want to play together or rank solo, it just depends on the situation. However, if you play with a squad of friends, it will be easier to coordinate and set a strategy. It’s really frustrating if you are solo ranked, especially if you are still at the epic tier, everyone will think individually and still favor selfishness.

The composition and strategy of heroes sometimes goes awry, some even trolling or AFK. This kind of annoyance is sure that all Mobile Legends players have experienced it.

Mabar’s Advantages over Solo Rank

It’s more fortunate if you are advanced than solo ranks, but it all depends on each individual because each person’s strategy and skills in playing heroes are definitely different. If mabar there are several advantages that you will get. For example,

Easier to Coordinate

If the mabar is clearer, they can coordinate, both at close range and side by side or at a distance by activating the mic on mode. In addition, each individual character in the mastery of the hero role already knows each other. So, there will be no such thing as coercion in hero selection.

It’s very different if you are solo ranked, if you become S5, it’s definitely predictable if you don’t get a Marksman, it’s definitely a Tank. And if you can’t, and you force yourself so that your role can be fulfilled, the chances of winning the match are very small. Even if you win, there must be luck or a blunder from the opposing side.

Easier to Manage Strategy

If you set a strategy, it’s certainly much easier. Especially if you are in a gaming house or using an open mic. The tasks of each role can function properly if there is such a thing as coordination. Notification of the ultimate or opponent’s skill must also be active every session. In addition, the initiator is also in charge of mastering and reading the map so that there is no gangking of teammates’ cores.

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Already Know Close

If you get to know each other closely, of course, mutual trust will grow. Even if you want to use any hero, as long as you are still in the mastery stage, you can still maximize it, because each individual has mastered the role to be played.

Road to mythic really depends on the mastery of the hero and meta that you will play against your opponent. Especially if it’s still early in the season, not only the public, pro players and big esports squads are also in the push rank stage chasing stars to mythical glory.

If you really want to be solo ranked, you should use the right time so you can get better teammates. If during busy hours, you can get a lot of naughty mental partners and usually only toxic while controlling.