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Build Nana Sick 2022, Strategy for Playing Hero Nana in Mobile Legends

build hero nana hurtsNana’s sick build has been a target for some time. This one support mage role hero can actually create a mental burden for the opponent. It’s quite frustrating to face Molina from Nana. Especially if it’s a line with stun heroes or other crowd control, for example, Estes and Rafaela.

Nana turns out that if she uses certain combinations of items, the damage that will occur can kill the opponent directly in one combo from her 1,2 and ultimate skills. Not to mention if you use a flamshoot spell, because the farther the distance from the flamshoot is, the damage that will occur can reduce the opponent’s HP by half for MM and assassin classes.

Build Nana Sick 2022

build hero nana hurts

How to Play Hero Nana with the Worst Build

Nana has 3 basic skills. Starting from skill one with a boomerang that will hit the enemy 2 times if you just let it go. The second skill will produce Molina, this Molina will catch up if the enemy enters the Molina area and change it in a few milliseconds. When hit by Molina, the enemy will be affected by a slow and stun effect so that when combined with ultimate Nana, you can immediately die.

Nana’s ultimate damage can produce repeated traces that will burn and slow down the hit and repeat hero. Nana has a passive skill, if her life runs out, this passive skill will have immunity to all hero damage for a few milli seconds. Movement speed will also increase up to 3 times more. You can use this passive to escape.

Playing this nana is actually very easy. The most important thing is you will make it what it is before entering the game. Because you can make Nana a support and mage. Both have similar items, but different build emblems of course.

If you want to become a mage, from the early game you can be more aggressive in the game. If you want to make it a support, you can focus more on helping the hero core to be able to quickly farm all jungles.

But the use of mage turned out to be better. Moreover, it has supported emblems that have met the maximum level. The combination of item build damage and mage emblems, then using a spell that kills flamshoot or using execute can certainly make Nana not afraid of battle. Even just go into it and never be afraid of being picked off, especially if you still have an active passive. But keep a safe distance.

Nana’s Skill is Suitable for Aggressive Play in Early Game

Nana tends to play the molina to hide it in the grass to open the map more and avoid ambushes. Or it could be to dispel an opponent who wants to ambush. Nana can be more aggressive by pressing the opponent to stay and guard the turret. This molina skill will only affect heroes and have no effect on lords, jungles and minions. So it is very effective to include it in the enemy turret.

In addition to Molina who will chase the enemy. Every time you want to play near an enemy hero, you should also make sure that you can still use the existing passives. Because this is the last hope when you have run out of blood when the enemy picks up.

Nana’s Effective Spell

If the spell to support Nana’s build hurts above, you should use flamshoot if the enemy’s hero isn’t too hard. But if indeed the selection of draft picks is already hard heroes, you can just take flicker so it’s easy to run away when you lose a war.

That’s the sickest Nana hero build right now. Build items can indeed change with meta development and various new heroes that appear. It is also very influential when the opposing party has crowd control as a counterweight.