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Meta Viral Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends is a game full of strategy. This online battle arena mobile game made by Moonton has succeeded in attracting millions of players since the game’s initial release until now. This game carries a 2-team battle consisting of 5 vs 5 with a composition of heroes from various roles. The composition of this hero and strategy is finally known as meta. During the year 2022, there are various meta viral Mobile Legends and have even entered into tournament mode such as MPL.

There are many Meta Mobile Legends, even each person and team can indeed make their own hero composition. In addition, the strength and damage from one hero to another can indeed support each other and can counter the opponent.

If you often see Mobile Legends tournaments, whether MPL, MDL or various other tournaments, each esport team definitely brings its own meta. The meta function in Mobile Legends is to create a strategy to destroy the opponent’s base. In addition, it can be a weapon and a secret strategy when facing opponents.

Meta Viral Mobile Legends 2022

During the year 2022, there are many metas that you can find and have passed the composition of the hero composition that is ripe for fighting. Sometimes even metas that don’t make sense even go viral. Not only pro players, but also public players often use it in ranked mode matches.

1. Meta Diggie Feeder

meta viral mobile legends Maybe you still remember this meta in MPL, or maybe you’ve even used it in ranked mode. This meta uses the concept of disrupting the opponent’s hero core so that he is late farming and misses gold. Diggie from the beginning of the game will go straight to the enemy’s buff area and look for the opponent’s core hero. Diggie will stick around and won’t be afraid to die. The diggie spell is retribution, where this spell can seize the opponent’s jungle. Will the enemy kill Diggie core get a lot of gold? Of course not, the gold that you get from killing Diggie will gradually decrease and even if you reach 8 times you won’t get any gold at all. This is the main function of this meta. The taboo that Diggie should not do is kill the enemy. If you kill the enemy, you will return from the beginning for gold when Diggie can be killed.

Diggie players must be good at opening maps and using passive correctly

Diggie’s passive is to become an egg and can still go around the land of dawn until he comes back to life. When dead and still an egg, Diggie can open the opponent’s map while preventing the opponent from returning to base. This one support hero is really annoying. From the default skills, such as skill 1 which can spam egg bombs, skill 2 which can return the opponent to the previous position for a few seconds. And the most annoying thing is that the ultimate from Diggie can remove damage and stun from various heroes.

Moreover, if you use this meta, Diggie’s various skills get additional retribution, deliberately disturbing the opponent’s core. The main principle is that from the early game it will interfere with the core, so farming is late. Thus, teammates’ core heroes can freely farm and get gold faster. And if there will be a big war, the core hero of one team will be superior in terms of gold and items than the core hero of the opponent. This meta will be broken if the enemy uses 2 cores. Because only one core is disturbed, one more core can still farm and catch up with gold. And very unsuitable to enter into the late game.

2. Meta 2 Support

meta viral mobile legends Support and crowd control are indeed heroes who don’t have big damage, but they can be troublesome. For example, Nana with her molina, Diggie with her egg bomb skill or her passive and Rafaella or Estes with her healing. These support heroes will indeed help the core players and guard them from ambushes or enemy gangs. Meta 2 support can make the lane a mess. For example, using nana and diggie. These two heroes, if together in one lane, can make the enemy immediately muddy. Especially if they both use the flamshoot spell.

Let’s analyze further. Molina from Nana can block the opponent’s movement and Diggie’s egg can do damage to reduce the opponent’s HP. Both the molina and the egg bomb can go straight into the turret. This is what makes it annoying, because if these two heroes unite and face the enemy, the enemy will die immediately if exposed to a combination of all the skills of these two heroes. Moreover, two flamshoots at the same time. Ultimates from various heroes can be immediately sterile if Diggie has the ultimate. Isn’t it difficult? If you want to play ranked mode using this meta, you should first make sure other heroes can fill the lane and choose a strong offlaner.

3. Meta Hyper Carry

meta viral mobile legends This meta hyper carry will carry one of the five players who have the greatest damage and will be a priority during the early game. Priority refers to taking jungle with the aim of getting gold faster. If Gold can be a lot faster, it will be easier to buy all the items that will be the focus of the match. By making one hero ready for a big war and the damage can be greatest, it is more effective and the others are only support or defense. Usually the best heroes to use this meta are Karrie and Claude.

4. Meta Viral Faramis, Bane and Selena Mobile Legends

meta viral mobile legends Had also entered into the tournament and the results were very surprising. The three hero skills that when united will have a significant impact on destroying the opponent’s turret. The focus of this meta is to destroy the lower and upper lanes and focus on only one line. A good spell is of course the arrival of Bane, Selena and Faramis. For example, if you focus on destroying the upper turret, then these bane and faramis will immediately arrive on one of the lines. Their focus is not on fighting with the opponent’s hero, but will go straight into the turret and can pay off the turret heal.

The Dangers of Facing Meta Faramis, Bane and Selena

It is dangerous if even one turret has broken. The reason is that if these three heroes have reached level 4 and above, they can immediately carry out their main mission. If Selena puts a trap directly on the enemy base, then Bane and Faramis will easily arrive to the enemy base. Aren’t you afraid of death? Of course not, because this moment is the ultimate faramis function. Bane and Faramis will immediately hit the tower to death, if Faramis uses ultimate then these two heroes will live again and stay focused on hitting the turret. And so on to the base.

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Even though there are 3 opposing heroes focused on facing Faramis and Bane, the 3 teammates’ heroes are still free to roam and will push on another lane. confusing isn’t it? With this psychological pressure, the enemy will focus on his base and will not pay attention to gold or farming. Thus, one team theme cast can be free to farm and gold is definitely a big profit. Using this meta is perfect for those of you who want to play fast and win, but also keep an eye on the composition of the opponent’s hero. If all of the opposing heroes have high mobility, of course you yourself will be in trouble.

5. Meta Healing

meta viral mobile legends Meta healing is a meta that focuses on relying on support that functions to increase blood and movement speed. The ones who play the most role in this meta are Estes and Rafaela. Estes has a role to increase the blood of teammates and rafaela has healing and movement speed in a few seconds, and this applies to all heroes of a team theme. Using this meta plays a very important role in a big war, even the blood from the core can not run out and damage is indeed difficult to enter.

The strongest core is certainly very effective, for example using Barats which is indeed hard from the basic skills. Or you can use Alucard, Paquito and other hard heroes. Skill 2 from Estes can give a slow effect to opponents who are in the area for a few seconds, skill one and the ultimate can make a friend’s blood full again without having to return to base. Which of these two heroes is very durable and always increases. It’s not effective to use this meta if the enemy has a lot of heroes with slow or stun effects. Because indeed these two heroes will always follow the core and guard it from enemy gangs.

6. Meta Viral Uranus Hyper Mobile Legends

latest meta ml Some time ago before season 22 started, there was a new meta that was quite shocking in the Mobile Legends universe. There is one meta that has even reached MPL and is proven to be effective in making enemies helpless. This meta carries the concept of a thick hero. And the hero who becomes hyper is a very thick tank hero, Uranus. Basically this hero is thick from the start. However, it will be thicker and very difficult to kill when using full defense items and the stack to minions reaches 20. This hero will become hyper, with the main spell being retribution. After taking all the jungle from his own lane, Uranus will immediately enter the enemy lane and make it messy.

In addition to this hero being hyper and the money can be a lot fast, full defense items can also increase the thickness of this hero. Especially if you have entered the late game, it is difficult to kill this hero because healing from item builds as well as from skill two and his ultimate can make life full again in just a few seconds. It’s more effective if you use this meta, it’s better to emphasize and multiply the thick hero composition. This can increase defense when war. There are actually many other Mobile Legends metas. However, some of the Meta’s are the most viral and often enter various tournaments. For the meta, the use of two supports is a bit difficult to handle and counter. Meta Uranus Hyper is the most recent, even currently popular in the rankings. If you want to use the various interesting Metas, you should play as five with a squad of friends.