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Ramesses Rise of Kingdoms: Best Ramses RoK Talent

When you enter the KvK Season of Conquest aka Season of Conquest, you will find many even better commanders. One of them is Ramses or Ramesses II, who is said to be one of the best Archer commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

The first impression of being a versatile commander is enough for my friend to invest a Gold Statue in Ramses. Just like Alexander The Great before for example.

ramesses rise of kingdoms wallpaper

Like most Archer commanders, it is highly recommended to expertise Ramesses or upgrade all of his skills to. 5-5-5-5. Moreover, for a fight in the Ramses open field, GG Gaming is pretty good.

Tips for Playing Ramesses Rise of Kingdoms

Active Skills – Karnak Ceremony: Reduces enemy defense by 25% for two rounds, a very large number because we have high attack damage and the talent tree Ramses we will use will also strengthen his damage skills.

Skill 2 (Passive) – The Poem of Pentaur: Our troops also have an additional 40% increase in Archer unit damage during map battles, definitely high enough for a bonus.

Skill 3 (Passive) – Army of Amun: This is a passive skill which means you have to rely a lot on RNG. If you are lucky enough this skill will last for 3 seconds and you will get a lot of benefits.

Skill 4 (Passive) – King of Kings: There are many players using Genghis Khan and Cao Cao, Charles Martel, Constantine out there. Ramesses is a great counter to them. 2000 damage in 2 seconds is also very deadly.

Best Ramesses RoK Talent Build

Born as a reliable commander for the open field, you can use the following Ramesses talent tree. Commonly used by many other Rise of Kingdoms players as well.

Indonesia's best skirt talent ramses

Ramses is a very tanky commander just by looking at his skills. Ramesses is the Archer commander and usually Archer units are quite weak and become the target of the enemy. But the case is different if led by Ramses.

His defense is quite low for Ramses II with this talent tree but with his skills, you can get some extra defense bonuses. Movement speed (March Speed) increased to 24% which will help you on the battlefield while moving and will not be easily chased by any opponent.

Combo Pair The Strongest RoK Ramses Commander Pair

Ramesses – YSG : Indeed, Yi Seong Gye as a versatile commander can be paired with anyone in the RoK game. Ramses is no exception, moreover they both specialize in leading Archer troops.
Ramesses – Edward : Arguably, Edward of Woodstock might be a little outdated if Ramses is your new main commander, but he’s still very worthy of filling the Secondary Commander slot. More details: Talent Edward RoK.
Ramesses – Kusukoni Masashige : If you are F2P, and have limited choice of commanders but still want the best AoE commander at Epic level for Archer, Kusunoki will be your best choice.

How to Get Commander Ramesses RoK

You can get Ramesses Rise of Kingdoms by using Gems in an event called Wheel of Fortune (WoF). This appeared during the MGE edition of Archer Commanders. For F2P and Low Spender see: WoF RoK Tips.

In addition, you can also get 10 gold statues to summon Ramesses via the Card King Rise of Kingdoms event, and a Legendary Tavern while in Lost Kingdom KvK 4 & beyond.