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Edward of Woodstock Rise of Kingdoms: Best RoK Talent

Edward of Woodstock excels at dealing massive direct target skill damage. Edward is currently one of the commanders in the RoK game who has a minimum rage for his active skill above 1000.

Because of the uniqueness of his main skill, that’s why he was duet only with a few commanders. Edward used to be a formidable rally leader, however, his role as rally leader didn’t last long as the duo Attila – Takeda (feels like we say AT every time the word “rally” comes up).

edward of woodstock rise of kingdoms wallpaper

But anyway, let’s talk about Edward RoK further which Kibezaka has already summarized.

Tips for Playing Edward of Woodstock Rise of Kingdoms

Archer’s Honor Skill: This active skill is quite large in terms of DPS but because the Rage Requirement is quite high, you won’t be able to use it often.

One way to overcome this Rage Edward is to make him a second commander (Secondary Commander), but then you will reduce Edward’s damage factor by 50%. Because of this skill, Edward is very limited in his pairing.

Archers are generally weak, with Edward’s “Vengeful Crusade” skill you will be able to last a little longer on the battlefield and give your troops some mobility that will allow you to escape or catch up with enemies.

Best Edward RoK Talent Build

For the following talent tree builds, we tried to reduce our rage regeneration as much as we could, allowing Tomyris to help out with Edward.

Indonesia's best skirt talent

Please imitate and use Edward RoK’s talent tree above, it only works for fighting in the open field, mate. Not to lead the Rally of enemy buildings/garrison structures.

Combo Pair Commander Edward RoK Strongest Pair

Tomyris – Edward : Pairing between Edward-Tomyris tends to be targeted by the enemy (Swarm) and there is not much they can do about it. The best duet for the two of them complement each other. Read: Build Talent Tomyris RoK.
Edward – YSG : Yi Seong-Gye’s presence of AOE Damage will help Edward earn a lot of points. Moreover, they both specialize in Archers. More details: About YSG RoK.

How to Get Commander Edward RoK

You can get Edward of Woodstock Rise of Kingdoms by spinning at the Wheel of Fortune event. However, he usually appears in KvK Season 2 and Season of Conquest during the Archer commander’s Mightiest Governor Event edition.

You can also get a gold statue of Edward RoK through Card King. But have to wait longer until your kingdom is formed 350+ days in Rise of Kingdoms.