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Cyrus The Great Rise of Kingdoms: Cyrus the Great Talent RoK

Cyrus the Great or also known as Cyrus The Great is the commander of the Archers who was released together with Nebuchadnezzar. They are both good at leading Archers/Archers, but have different roles.

The role of Cyrus RoK tends to rely on versatility, aka Versatility, rather than Nebu, which is widely used to lead Rallys to attack the garrison of enemy building structures.

cyrus the great rise of kingdoms wallpaper

Thus, Cyrus The Great is more reliable for fighting in the open field. So how do you play Cyrus the Great? What is Cyrus RoK’s strongest build talent tree like?

Tips for Playing Cyrus The Great Rise of Kingdoms

Cyrus The Great RoK is an archer Legend commander who arrives at Rise of Kingdoms with extraordinary powers for the open field.

His skills and talents make Koresh Agung a truly offensive commander who is able to defeat his enemies through massive damage (High DPS).

Best Cyrus RoK Talent Build

If you are a player who focuses on Archer troop units, then the following Koresh Agung talent tree build can be considered.

talent cyrus best skirt indonesia koresh agung

In this build we will use talent points towards full “Archer” as a whole. We will get attack/attack, defense/defense, Health (HP), and buffs for archer troops, achieving great consistency and general balance of Cyrus The Great’s troops.

The advantages and disadvantages of Koresh Agung RoK

Commander Archer Legend, good for PVP (open field only).

Offensive Commander, Cyrus RoK has excellent damage both physical and per skill.

Very capable damage reduction skill, for open field one of its extraordinary strengths.

His role as a commander in the game can be Primary (Primary) and Second (Secondary commander) very suitable for PVP.

Cyrus RoK . Weaknesses and Weaknesses

× Cyrus the Great does not have the Healing Factor skill to heal troops instantly in Rise of Kingdoms.

× Not a good commander to play PvE because his skills and talents don’t support him.

Combo Pair Commander Koresh Agung RoK Strongest Pair

Cyrus The Great – Nebuchadnezzar II : Pairing a strong commander for PVP, Nebu is one of the best choices for Cyrus if we want to conquer the enemy with rally attacks, this pair for fighting in the open field is also very good, Nebuchadnezzar deals strong damage in AOE which is enhanced by Cyrus’ skills, even share similarities in their talents which we can use both main and secondary commanders depending on the goal we choose. Read: Talent Nebuchadnezzar RoK.
Cyrus The Great – Ramesses II : The great legendary Archer commander is very good for open field war. Ramses applies powerful buffs and debuffs to his foes that weaken welded troops, making him an almost invincible commander for any army thanks to his skill and strong resistance, together with Cyrus they combine their bow-shaped AOE in an absolute way creating the perfect match for a fight. Listen: Ramesses RoK Talent.
Cyrus The Great – Edward of Woodstock : Edward has the most powerful damage skill of Rise of Kingdoms but only one target, Edward-Cyrus is a strong pair in damage skill, the hit that these two commanders can inflict in open field against any enemy is very extreme, however, it will only be a good battle if 1 vs 1, in large battles, this duet is not recommended because Edward does not have good enough resistance. Check: Talent Edward RoK.
Cyrus The Great – Yi Seong-Gye : Cyrus as commander for the open field PVP has a huge boost to his Archer unit, along with the YSG it makes a formidable partner in the open field, a sizable increase in AOE damage skill that powers a YSG bow can be lethal to enemies. Then your troop units will get a frightening offensive power when fighting on the map. Please read: YSG Talent Rise of Kingdom.

How to Get Commander Cyrus RoK

So far, there are three ways to get Koresh Agung Rise of Kingdoms, namely through the Wheel of Fortune, if you want to spin, make sure you have enough gems.

The second can be through the Legendary Tavern. And finally, Cyrus The Great RoK can be obtained through the Rise of Kingdoms daily bundle (Daily Special Offer) specifically in a fairly old kingdom.