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Overthrow Alter Ego X, EVOS Icon Becomes MDL ID Season 5 Champion!

Overthrow Alter Ego X, EVOS Icon Becomes MDL ID Season 5 Champion!

EVOS Icon performed very well against last year’s champion Alter Ego X. Without a long match, EVOS Icon managed to make AE X fail to return to back Champion.

The loss of three big names, namely Amyy, Rexlona and Devkoch, seems to have weakened Alter Ego X.

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Even though they made it to the Grand Final, it must be admitted that the current EVOS Icon roster, namely Tazz DD, Pendragon, Falah, CKIM and Bajan, is the best.

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After a shocking defeat of Dewa United in the playoffs, EVOS Icon overthrew Alter Ego X with a landslide score of 3-1.

The course of the match

EVOS Icon vs Bigetron Beta: Jungler KDA 0-0-0!  |  ONE Esports Indonesia

Despite winning at the start by using hard eros like Baxia and Karina, EVOS was able to surprise CKIM’s Clint. CKIM only fell twice, so a frightening figure for the frontliners of the Alter Ego X team.

The second game also went limp. It didn’t take long for EVOS to win the second game. This time they held Baxia and the results were extraordinary. Pendragon with his Masha Explaner is also unstoppable.

The third game was successfully taken by Alter Ego X, the game from Hilda Rasy is very strong and able to mess up the EVOS defense. The score is now 2-1.

The fourth game was successfully brought by EVOS using Karina. EVOS’s fast game made AE ​​X have to settle for runner-up. This result also made EVOS succeed in revenge for its defeat last season.

Congratulations to EVOS Icon for winning MDL ID Season 5 and becoming the second team after Alter Ego X from the MPL team to win this championship.

Will the players be playing in the upcoming MPL ID Season 10? Moreover, several names such as Falah, Pendragon and Bajan have already tasted the MPL roster.

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