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EVOS Legends Announces Open Trial, Here are the Requirements and How to Register!

EVOS Legends Announces Open Trial, Here are the Requirements and How to Register!

After EVOS Legends was confirmed to advance to the MPL ID Season 5 Playoffs and EVOS Icon who successfully won MDL ID Season 5, it seems that EVOS Esports doesn’t want to be complacent.

The reason is that through the coach, Bjorn “Zeys” Ong, the team with the white tiger logo is officially back in action open trial.

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This of course has the aim of finding hidden talents as well as regenerating the current squad in the EVOS Legends squad and EVOS Icon.

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High Enough Requirements

Photo via EVOS Zeys

As one of the largest esports teams in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, of course, not just any player can join EVOS Esports.

EVOS Zeys himself as a coach puts quite high requirements for every player who wants to do open trial with the team.

Therefore, here are the requirements that EVOS Esports has put in place for players who want to do trial with EVOS Legends and EVOS Icon.

  • Have a minimum of 800 Mythic Points in this season
  • Win Rate at least 70% in this season
  • Can play two roles competitively for example roamer and jungler
  • Minimum age 16 years
  • Willing to move to Jakarta

These requirements are of course quite heavy, but of course for those of you who have met the requirements above, it doesn’t hurt to try because it is possible that you will wear EVOS Esports uniforms.

Registration itself will end on April 22, you can register yourself via the following link.

So, those are the requirements and the complete procedure for registering to take part open trial what EVOS Legends will do.

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