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Rows of the Best Counter Cecilion Heroes in Mobile Legends Ala Pro Player!

Rows of the Best Counter Cecilion Heroes in Mobile Legends Ala Pro Player!

After getting the buff, Cecilion is now one of the most deadly mage heroes in Mobile Legends.

The reason is, he is able to provide attacks from a relatively long distance with enormous damage, especially when entering the late game.

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However, you don’t have to worry yourself because one of the former MPL ID pro players who now serves as an AURA Fire analyst has recommended the best Cecilian counter hero in Mobile Legends.

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The figure who gave the recommendation was Joshua “Tezet” Sanger who had a hand in bringing AURA Fire to finish in 3rd position in the final standings of the MPL ID Season 9 regular season.

The first hero he recommends to overcome Cecilion is Fanny, who is currently the deadliest assassin hero in the Land of Dawn.

Fanny who has terrible damage in the early game as well as high mobility is certainly a scourge for Cecilion as a hero mage who has low mobility.


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The next hero recommended by AURA Tezet is Paquito who is a fighter with annoying CC abilities.

The hero can certainly be a fairly effective counter and is able to finish off Cecilion through a combo owned by Paquito.


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Finally, Tezet chose Chou as one of the effective heroes in warding off Cecilion in the Land of Dawn.

The reason is, this one hero does have a specialty to lock annoying heroes including Cecilion.

By using The Way of Dragon (ultimate), it is certain that Cecilion will disappear with just that attack.

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