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Not Faramis, This is the Weakest Legend Tier Hero Currently in Mobile Legends!

Not Faramis, This is the Weakest Legend Tier Hero Currently in Mobile Legends!

When discussing the weakest heroes in Mobile Legends, of course, some heroes like Faramis and Vexana are the two heroes who will often be mentioned by the game’s players.

The reason is, these heroes do have abilities based on timeliness so it is not uncommon for many to fail to use the hero.

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Interestingly, it turns out that it is not the two heroes who are currently the weakest heroes in Mobile Legends’ Legend tier based on the win rate, but this one hero.

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Jawhead Becomes the Weakest Hero

Reasons to Pick Jawhead on M2
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The hero is Jawhead, who is currently starting to disappear from circulation because he is quite uncompetitive to use as an explaner or roamer.

Based on data compiled by the official Mobile Legends website, Jawhead himself only pocketed a winning percentage of 44.12%.

Meanwhile, Faramis and Vexana, who are often referred to as the weakest heroes, far left Jawhead with 46.28% and 46.22% respectively in the Legend tier.

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This is certainly not surprising given the META shift that relies more on support heroes as roamers so that Jawhead roamers are now starting to become ineffective.

In addition, he is also starting to be abandoned to be used as an explaner because he is a single target hero that is not effective enough to be used in META which often relies on teamfights at this time.

So, it is not surprising that the hero is currently the weakest hero as evidenced by the very low percentage of the hero’s victory.

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