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Not Ling, This is the Best Anti CC Hero in Emperor's Version of Mobile Legends!

Not Ling, This is the Best Anti CC Hero in Emperor’s Version of Mobile Legends!

It is undeniable that Ling is still one of the anti-CC heroes who is quite good by using his ultimate.

The reason is, he himself can escape the various negative effects he gets when he lets go Tempest of Blades.

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Interestingly, Jonathan “Emperor” Liandi reveals another hero who is much better at countering various CC effects in Land of Dawn.

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Martis Becomes the Best Anti CC Hero

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Photo via ArtStation

The hero turns out to be Martis who is one of the fighters who has been quite forgotten for several seasons.

The reason is, he is considered to have a fairly low durability compared to other fighter heroes in Mobile Legends.

Martis himself does have the best Anti CC ability compared to other heroes in Mobile Legends at this time.

When he uses his 1st skill, he is able to stop opponents who want to give CC effects to himself and his teammates.

Even with skill 2 that he uses, Martis is able to stop the CC effect while canceling the CC effect that will hit him.

This is certainly quite annoying, this of course makes Martis very difficult to touch because of the abilities he has.

Not only that, Martis also has an ultimate that makes him very lethal which will make him increase his movement speed as well as attack speed when he manages to finish off his opponent.

So, that’s the best anti CC hero currently available according to Jonathan “Emperor” Liandi. Interested in using Spinners?

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