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Diamond Royale FF April 2022, the Boys' Bundle Finally Comes!

Diamond Royale FF April 2022, the Boys’ Bundle Finally Comes!

Diamond royale Free Fire (FF) is one of the events at Luck Royale that the sultans of Free Fire have been waiting for.

Because to get it, players need a number of diamonds, because like the name of the event, Diamond Royale FF.

Every time it is released, Diamond Royale promises players a main prize in the form of a special and unique bundle so it’s quite proud to use the bundle when in the game later.

Previously, we have discussed about the leaked bundle that will be present at the next Diamond Royale. And sure enough, the bundle will replace the Dusklit Slayer girl bundle that has accompanied us.

Want to know what bundle is meant to be Diamond Royale FF in April 2022? Come on, see the information in the following article!

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Diamond Royale FF April 2022

The good news is, you will be presented with a male bundle in Diamond Royale this time, considering that Luck Royale is often filled with female bundles.

As confirmed by YouTube Kulgar, the bundle is the Soiree Gentlement Bundle which at first glance looks like a Circus performer.

Because it can be seen with the costume he is wearing and the addition of red hair is more convincing with the animation effect of this bundle, it looks like he is activating a cannon.

This bundle will most likely replace Dusklit Slayer in the near future. To be precise, on April 15, 2022.

Like the usual Diamond Royale, Soiree Gentlement requires 50 diamonds for one spin or it could be with 1 diamond royale voucher. Meanwhile, for larger multiples, 11x Spin requires 500 Diamond or 10x Diamond Royale Ticket.

Every time you spin, you are not only presented with the main prize of the Soiree Gentlement bundle, of course you can also have the opportunity to get other attractive prizes from Free Fire.

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That’s information about the Soiree Gentlement bundle that will be present at the latest Diamond Royale Free Fire (FF). Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube we.