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Nimo Tv Bankrupt and Close Why? this is the explanation

Live Streaming Game is currently very developed both on Youtube, Facebook and NimoTv and Twitch. Now, the biggest streaming platform in Indonesia, NIMO TV announced something that shocked everyone, especially fans who have a lot of badges on this streaming platform.

Live Steaming in NimoTV presents a lot of choices that you can watch, such as PUBG, Mobile Legends, GTA V, Free Fire and many other games. and we know the number of nimo tv users is increasing day by day. but there is sad news that cannot be predicted, namely Nimo TV Closes or Bankrupt. So is this news true? let’s discuss

Nimo TV Close

If you are the one who asks the fate of Nimo TV then you are the same person as other Nimo TV users.

Nimo TV officially announced to its fans through their Instagram account by saying the following

To all our beloved Nimozens, thank you for being so loyal and always supporting Nimo TV. More than 3 years together is definitely not a short time. But as the saying goes, nothing lasts forever,

With a heavy heart, we must inform you that Nimo TV Indonesia – Game will stop operating in Indonesia by the end of April 2022.

The fun trip with Nimozen will never be forgotten. Let these sweet memories be remembered and warm us if longing comes. I hope all Nimozen can chase their dreams and become the best streamer someday,

NimoTv’s Farewell Speech Uploaded in an Instagram Post

in the caption of the upload they also said that this was not a prank or april moop they called this a farewell for nimozen fans at this time.

It’s really zen, not a prank, no longer a drama or FTV too😔

Equally, we are all saddened to have to announce this to you. But we are proud that we all have been a part of Nimo TV – Game Indonesia. ️
Once again, thank you very much to all of you who have always been loyal to Nimo TV. We always try to give our best, and now our job is done☺️
I wish you all the best, Zen! We love you guys✨ Yok who wants any comments, please…

#NimoTV #NimoTVIndonesia #NimoTVID

Nimo TV Bankrupt or True?

Nimo Tv Bankrupt and Close Why?  this is the explanation
Nimo Tv Close or Bankrupt?

The news about Nimo TV’s bankruptcy is not true, because Nimo TV has not officially announced why they have closed their big platform in Indonesia.

Reportedly, an important announcement as to why Nimo is closed will be announced tonight or April 14. Of course this makes everyone curious why Nimo TV closed because it went bankrupt or what.

but according to the news that spread he said nimo would change his name to another name. We’ll just have to wait for the news later.

Several streamers also said goodbye and thanked nimo tv which was uploaded on each of their personal accounts.

The closing of Nimo TV has also made some people confused about the state of their accounts that have been spent supporting streamers such as account levels, account badges, and the collections they have accumulated at this time.

Nimo TV Clarification Close

According to Kincir who interviewed Veronica Huang, NimoTV’s Local Manager, it turns out that only the channel is closed gaming just.

“Yes, that’s right, it (NimoTV’s announcement on Instagram) is valid, we will close as of April 2022. As for the main reason, I can’t give much information, but there are only internal changes and of course the strategy for market Indonesia. Continue only channel gaming just close it, if live show still running,” said Veronica Huang.


For those of you who are still curious about the news that Nimo TV is closing or going bankrupt, you can watch the official announcement from Nimo TV tonight, especially so many streamers from this platform have said goodbye and are quite sad because of the closing of this largest platform. so we are waiting for further information yes! ️