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Nizar TikTok Viral, Here's Profile and Biodata

TikTok is one of the social media that always gives birth to famous celebrities. Like one of these celebgrams which is currently on the rise and many people are looking for information. The celebgram is Nizar TikTok.

Nizar TikTok himself is famous for the name on his account that is a bit odd. Nazar’s TikTok account he named camel seed for reasons that have not yet been revealed. This account name has invited many people to make them curious about the figure of Nazar.

While the contents of this camel seed Nazar TikTok account, it contains some entertaining content with a question and answer theme. Not only that, he himself also often makes funny videos that entertain many people. The questions and answers contained in his content, always entertain people. Because of this, his content can grow and be famous.

Then what is the figure of Nazar TikTok that is currently popular? if you ask like that then you have come right here. Because we ourselves will explain to you about who Nazar is and what content he makes. Instead of being curious, you’d better see the information below.

Who is Nizar TikTok?

Previously, TikTok residents were curious about the presence of an account that had a strange name. The account contains camel seeds which are known to belong to a TikTok artist named Nazar.

Nazar TikTok himself did not give a reason why he has an account with the name camel seed. But what is certain is that the name makes many people curious about the real figure of Nazar.

The account is known to be owned by a 17-year-old teenager. The teenager has the real name Nizar Abduh Zahi, he is a student who has a TikTok account with the name Camel Seed with a number of followers reaching 1.5 million people.


You can check Nizar’s account with names like the following, TikTok account @mas_nizar, Instagram account @nizar_abzhr31. Then what are the contents of the content that he created on his TikTok account. Let’s see the explanation below.

Contents of Nizar TikTok Account

On his Tiktok account, Nazar always creates content that entertains the audience through jokes with his friends. He also often makes a video containing questions and answers, but he fills it with laughter.

You can see funny content that Nizar made directly on his TikTok account. We ourselves have included the name of the account above which you can immediately search for. So please search for the TikTok account using the name we included earlier.


Here is the information about Nizar TikTok that we have conveyed to you. We hope that the information we have provided can be of use to you. Thank you for reading this article and see you in the next article.