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Touch Video Is it Safe? Let's see the explanation

For those of you who are looking for money in the application, you must be looking for information about whether Touch Video is safe. Given the many applications that always promise ease of getting money, of course it makes us suspicious and wary of these applications.

Because usually applications that offer convenience in getting money only contain viruses and malware, which actually threaten your device. So we also have to be extra careful in using these applications.

Like the Touch Video application, its security is currently being questioned. Because this application itself promises ease of getting money for its users, so before we use it. We also have to check whether the Touch Video application is safe.

This is necessary to anticipate the presence of viruses in the Touch Video application. So that the devices that we use can be protected from viruses and malware that threaten.


Previously, Touch Video was an application that promised easy access to special money for its users. In this application you are only assigned to watch a video and give it like.

Do it every day and get money that continues to flow into your account. This application guarantees to its users that they play for 10 minutes and give likes and watch videos. So they can also have the opportunity to earn between Rp. 20 to Rp. 400 thousand per day.

As for you, you have to buy a VIP account first in order to be able to play this application. VIP accounts in this application also have various prices, the higher the price for the VIP account, the bigger the prize.

The price list for a VIP account on the Touch Video application starts from Rp. 450 thousand with an income of Rp. 20 thousand per day, Rp. 1.35 million with an income of Rp. 60 thousand per day, Rp. 3.15 million with an income of Rp. 140 thousand per day. , Rp. 9 million with an income of Rp. 400 thousand per day.

TOUCH VIDEO is it safe

Some of you may want to use the Touch Video application. However, due to the lack of information about this application, it makes you worry about the security system.

Given the many similar applications that actually contain viruses, it definitely makes you have to think twice before using this application. Until now, there is still no party who is responsible for whether or not the Touch Video application is safe.

It’s just that the Touch Video application, according to IriBilangBos, has not been confirmed to be registered with the OJK (Financial Services Authority) so it’s for the safety of your money. We hope you don’t use it until the official news that the Touch Video app is safe appears.


Please be patient until news about the safety of the Touch Video application appears. This must be understood and done in order to keep your device and money safe. Hopefully with the presence of this information can be useful for you and see you in the next article.