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NFT Paramount Themed Star Trek Sold Out In 5 Minutes!

Not long ago, Paramount and Recur just launched an NFT collection with a Star Trek theme. In just 5 minutes, the NFT was instantly sold out! This is so crazy guys.

As one of the largest film producers and distributors in the world, Paramount Pictures Corporation always provides the latest innovations in the world of cinema.

Now, the company which is headquartered in Hollywood, California, United States of America wants to expand its wings by plunging into the world of Web3 and releasing an NFT collection called

Paramount Releases Star Strek Themed NFT, What Are the Advantages?

Quote from The Hollywood Reporterthe inaugural NFT Star Trek collection was launched on Wednesday (6/4) and sold out in just 5 minutes.

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“It only took five minutes for the inaugural collection of non-fungible (NFT) Star Trek tokens at a price of 250 US dollars or Rp. 3.5 million sold out on Saturday morning,” said William Shatner aka captain James T.

The NFT buyers will get several benefits, guys, including building a community, finding new partners who are also involved in the NFT world and involved in the Metaverse which is also being worked on by Paramount.

Paramount NFT
Photo: What Is a NFT?

“Fans need to be able to engage with our content wherever they are, including the metaverse,” said Pam Kaufman, Paramount President, Consumer Products and Experiences.

This NFT collection can be accessed on April 10 yesterday, via the website. Apart from Star Trek, digital tokens from Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures will also be launched on the website soon.

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Many parties claim that the value of the NFT collection will increase, following the popularity of Star Trek in the film world that will never get old with time.