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Mike Tyson Releases His First NFT Collection, Buy It!

Former heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson officially launched his first NFT collection named “Mike Tyson Mystery Box Collection”. To work on his NFT project, he teamed up with Binance.

Michael Gerard Tyson or what we usually call Mike Tyson is a legendary boxer who has won the heavyweight title. Thanks to his strong physique and hard punches, he was nicknamed “Iron Mike”.

Long time no news, Mike Tyson’s name has become a hot topic of conversation again, because he has officially entered the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) by releasing his first collection of digital tokens.

Legendary Boxer Mike Tyson Launches His First NFT Collection

Launching from Cryptopotato, sales of the Mike Tyson Mystery Box Collection have started today (5/4) on the Binance marketplace at 11.00 local time. In total, there will be 15,000 NFT collections available in the marketplace.

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To be able to redeem the NFT, you have to prepare money starting from $44 BUSD ($44) with various types of digital tokens, such as “Iron Mike’s” boxing gloves, T-shirts, shorts, warm-up kits, and other items that have been marked. handled by the “concrete neck”.

Not only that, guys, you can also buy Mike Tyson tokens that you’ve never seen before, which are works of art created by the famous illustrator, Henric Aryae.

Oh yes, Binance has also determined that the maximum purchase of this NFT is 50 mystery boxes per person. All buyers will also get three free airdrops from the special edition NFT Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson NFT
Photo: The Crypto Times

Furthermore, this digital collection will be divided into five levels of rarity, such as Platinum (35 NFT), Diamond (15 NFT), Gold (1,950 NFT), Silver (4,000 NFT) and Bronze (9,000 NFT).

Holders of the Mike Tyson Mystery Box Collection digital collection will get access to the development of Mike Tyson’s metaverse, which will reportedly be launched this year. Very interesting guys!

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Mike Tyson’s involvement in the cryptocurrency world is not the only time. Previously, Mike had conducted a survey of his 5.7 followers on Twitter and asked if they prefer Bitcoin or Ethereum. The results are equally strong, which makes both cryptocurrencies have their respective opportunities.