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Inexpensive! Get a Discount Cyber ​​Deity FF Bundle this Way!

Inexpensive! Get a Discount Cyber ​​Deity FF Bundle this Way!

Having a cool bundle is the dream of almost all Free Fire (FF) players in the world. The reason is, with cool and exclusive bundles or items, players will feel proud.

This is because of the high interest shown by players to get exclusive items and skins, so having a cool skin is considered to be a cool player.

This time, players can get an exclusive and cool bundle without having to bother waiting and participating in uncertain spin events.

Yep, you can get a bundle titled Cyber ​​Deity FF at a very cheap price by following the method below!

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Cyber ​​Deity FF Bundle

Cyber ​​Deity FF Bundle

Cyber ​​Deity is one of the skin series with the theme of a god. However, this bundle is for female characters whose partners are Cyber ​​Guardians who are present at the Dragon Gate event.

Both of these have the same theme, namely very exclusive gods and goddesses with perfect color combinations. The difference is, the Cyber ​​Deity bundle is a little more colorful.

You can get the grace of a god from the Cyber ​​Deity bundle very easily. You can directly visit the Shop and make a purchase.

However, if you buy this skin within the time period from 5 to 18 April 2022, then you can get it at a special price.

Where, within that time period, this Cyber ​​Deity bundle gets a discount. Only with 500 diamonds, you can have all the items from the bundle.

If not, you need the price of 2000 Diamonds to get the bundle when it’s not in the discount period.

Of course, the price is very cheap when compared to this bundle present at one of the spin events. If you are not lucky, you can issue up to thousands of diamonds.

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That’s how to get one of the newest girl bundles in the Shop. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube we.