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Leaked Mobile Legends Emblem Changes, Become a Talent System?

Leaked Mobile Legends Emblem Change, Turned into a Talent System?

Emblems are one of the important aspects in Mobile Legends. With the right emblem, of course, the hero will be maximized.

Not infrequently the selection of emblems affects the gameplay played for the hero.

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Emblems have many varieties, and currently there are 8 types, namely Physical, Magical, Tank, Assassin, Mage, Fighter, Marksman and Support.

The eight emblems of course have their own advantages and skills.

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Mobile Legends Emblem Changes

Revamp Emblem
source: YT King Aog

In the future there will be changes where it is not an emblem system but a Talent System. There will be 4 parts to this talent emblem that you can modify at will according to your respective hero and playstyle.

source: YT King Aog

First you will be able to choose up to three talents for the previous one hero, there are only a few talent choices so the playstyle can’t change much.

Fixed Attribute

source: YT King Aog

Each talent will have a fixed attribute, each set has 4 attributes that cannot be changed, you could say it’s like the current emblem wheel.

Later, when you have fixed the choice, it will turn into a weapon which you can see below.

source: YT King Aog

Each weapon can be transformed into one of the available visual forms according to the selected Talent.

After knowing that we will enter the variations that you can make with the next three talents.

Ultimate Talent

source: YT King Aog

You could say this is similar to the current talent emblem such as the Festival of Blood and others. The effect is the strongest of the other talents and has three sub-types, namely Attacking, Defense and Utilities. For more details regarding the choice, you will be informed when it is officially present.

Ordinary Skill Talent

Ordinary Skill Talent
source: YT King Aog

This talent also has skills like the Main Talent but is weaker. And usually will have the conditions to activate the following talents.

Ordinary Attribute Talent

Ordinary Attribute Talent
source: YT King Aog

Finally, there are ordinary attribute talents that have the same increasing effect as the talent skills in the first point. Will only give each hero 1 attribute (can be upgraded).

How to see the change in the emblem in Mobile Legends? So it’s more interesting or even more complicated?

It’s still in the development stage, so it’s definitely still there, and for when it will be applied to the original server there is also no certainty. Just wait for the next update from SPIN Esports.

Seeing that its presence is already on the advanced server for the testing stage, we usually hope that this emblem change will soon be present on the original server, Spinners.

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