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GPX Oura Reveals the Reason Why Nimo TV Was Closed, It Was Because Of This!

GPX Oura Reveals the Reason Why Nimo TV Was Closed, It Was Because Of This!

The gamers community in Indonesia was quite surprised after Nimo TV officially announced their goodbyes on Thursday (14/4).

The reason is, Nimo TV itself does have a track record which is quite good and there is almost no bias against the streaming platform.

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The closure certainly made fans wonder why they finally decided to leave Indonesia.

Until finally, Eko “Oura” Julianto, who is one of the top streamers on Nimo TV, revealed the reason.

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Not Getting Optimal Income

Photo via Nimo TV Oura

Through Oura’s latest Nimo TV livestream, the GPX frontman finally briefly revealed the reason why the livestream platform was finally withdrawn from Indonesia.

“I know the real reason is because it’s like this, they don’t get it from gifting income,” Oura said to Marsha and others while doing a livestream.

However, he himself ensured that the service was only closed in Indonesia while in other countries it was still operating.

“The ones that are closed are only Indonesia, bro, the ones outside are still open,” said the father of the Indonesian Assassin.

This is of course not surprising, because Nimo TV itself provides quite fantastic contracts to streamers and only relies on revenue sharing gift that the streamers get.

However, this is of course still not officially confirmed by Nimo TV, so it is interesting to wait for additional official information that will be provided by the Chinese Streaming Platform later.

So, that’s the reason why Nimo TV should be closed from Indonesia according to GPX Oura.

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