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Diggie Mobile Legends Gets Buff Again, Will It Get Stronger?

Diggie Mobile Legends Gets Buff Again, Will It Get Stronger?

Hero Support, who recently got this skin, seems to be a golden boy because it is rumored to be getting a buff back.

After a big buff that changed Diggie’s playstyle, this cute bird-shaped Support hero will soon get an additional buff.

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Although there are a few minor nerfs to its improved performance.

Newest Diggie Buff

Diggie Ganker or Feeder

  • Passive fixed so it can no longer activate Cursed Helmet and Battle Speel effects during egg mode
  • Base Shield of Ultimate increased from 600-900 to 650-1000

Indeed, the changes were not too significant, but they certainly made Diggie more supportive to his teammates.

The change of 100 for the base shield is quite pronounced for the late game where the heroes are getting stronger. This seems to make Diggie even more a Support hero who sticks to the core.

Some time ago Diggie who got the damage buff in skill 1 was more aggressive and played as a midlaner. One of them was by ONIC Drian at MPL ID Season 9 and the results were indeed satisfactory.

Will this change be made by Moonton so that Diggie becomes a support/roam hero attached to the team’s core or jungler?

Let’s just wait, yes, this change will be present in the next patch if there are no more changes in the advanced server later.

Who is the Diggie user? Hearing the news of Diggie’s buff makes you even more excited to play this hero, doesn’t it?

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