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Lancelot Rise of Kingdoms: Best RoK Talent

Commander Lancelot in Rise of Kingdoms is quite low tier. Only Elite tier (Blue), below Epic and Legendary of course. And most of the RoK players are only used as slaves for slow build alliance flags or rune takers.
Lilith’s decision to make Lancelot only in the Elite class was indeed the right one. As a game that adopts the royal era, Lancelot was not a military commander as cruel and sadistic as Guan Yu, Sun Tzu, Attila, Genghis Khan, Saladin and Xiang Yu.
Lancelot rise of kingdoms indonesia

So in the game, Lancelot RoK is not at all good for war. Even if you’re an F2P buddy, there’s still no better commander than Lancelot even if it’s only Epic tier.

The Best Lancelot RoK Talent Build For Running

Lancelot’s talent tree is recommended to focus on high mobility or mobility. Let him walk quickly to the alliance flag or take the desired runes.

the best skirt lancelot talent

In this build Lancelot maximizes the talent of his passive skill “Knight of The Round Table”: Increases the movement speed of Cavalry troop units; Increases Cavalry unit attack.

But in the talent photo above, I’ve only used Lancelot up to level 30. Because it’s rarely used, even to take Runes or Slow Builds sometimes I use the commander Belisarius who runs faster (Even to become a slave, Lancelot has a rival).

If Belisarius is busy, just duet Lancelot with Dragon Lancer to be enslaved to take Runes or build alliance flags.

In the RoK game, there are four commanders with Elite tier besides Lancelot namely Sarka, Tomoe Gozen and Gaius Marius. Two for farming, and the other two are either just complementary.

In conclusion, Lancelot Rise of Kingdoms is less useful for war. Released by Lilith as if it was just a display and a subject of ridicule, “Here, the character you glorify is just a slave in my game” 🙂