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Coup Chronology: Kingdom 1958 Rise of Kingdoms Troubled

1958 rise of kingdoms coup

Update: December 2022 – The Rise of Kingdoms coup is nothing new, mate. I received a report from a colleague who was on royal server #1958 – Kingdom of Alton – that there was a Lost Temple coup involving several immigrant players.

Even the situation in the Kingdom is heating up at the time this news was written, because the perpetrator is still in Kingdom #1958, the tension is still high. Understandably, they have just entered the KD, so it’s a bit impossible to move the kingdom again before 30 days.

As is known, there is a limit or cooldown period for all governors in Rise of Kingdoms, if they have just moved/migrated to the kingdom, they have to wait a month to move again by fulfilling the requirements, including requiring many passport pages.

Kingdom Conflict Chronology 1958 Rise of Kingdoms

This account of events is the version of NVD, a person who served on the royal council in Kingdom #1958. Because until now the server has not had a new permanent King since the victory of KvK Season 4 “Eight Party Discord”.

Let’s read the chronology from the 1958 royal email (Kingdom Mail):

“Hi everybody,

First of all to all former members of 58PG, please come back because here will be the main alliance for KvK, MGE, Ark of Osiris and so on, we will continue everything as before. The current focus is on KvK (Season 5) preparations.

Second, there are a few mistakes that have left many players confused. So we will answer all the questions regarding this incident, here is the conclusion.

What happened?

The King’s throne was taken over and abused by one of the governors by the name of Left-T (now renamed), he also violated the MGE (Mightiest Governor Event / Greatest Governor) rules for Infantry commanders. The Crown of the Kingdom has now been reclaimed.

How and Why did it happen?

Two members of a group of immigrants that he brought to our home (1958), were given the post of R4 alliance 58PG.

One of them gave the throne of King/King to Left-T, without the approval of the other council (Council). He took this opportunity to hold back the Kingdom’s plot including the buff schedule (which should have been Buff Training instead Buff Building) for his own benefit.

The reason why he was given the title King so quickly even though they were players who had recently migrated, was because they had played together before with several members of the royal council where they had led a different Kingdom before.

For this reason, they are (wrongly) trusted because many players from our house claim to know Left-T and say they will not break the rules in this kingdom.

So what’s next?

Right-T as perpetrators of giving the throne of King to Left-T, the two of them will no longer be welcome in our kingdom and the Council will not accept them in 58PG. Everyone who conspired with him was removed from the list of the 1958 royal council and leadership. The rest is as before.

I realized that this left everyone dizzy and confused, and as a result some players chose to leave our kingdom.

Nobody’s forcing you to migrate out of here, but for those of you who choose to stick around, we’ll do whatever we can to get things back to normal. 1958 was a great empire, and I hope the savagery of one man doesn’t destroy that greatness.

Thank you for reading,

Kingdom Council #1958.”

How the RoK Coup Happened

The coup in Rise of Kingdoms is an event that takes over the leadership and occupation structure of the Lost Temple in a kingdom by expelling a group of players from the ranks of the Kingdom Council until they migrate. Listen: Kingdom Council RoK Tugas Duties.
Usually coups happen quietly but with little drama as in this example of KD 1958. But there are also many kingdoms that have coups in extreme ways, namely the Civil War or Civil War, fighting between players in the kingdom. Read: About Civil War Rise of Kingdom.

Recently the kingdom server #2345 became a kingdom that experienced a coup due to Open Migration (Free Migration without power capacity requirements). A group of players more than 100 people or about 1 alliance from another kingdom.

According to the confession of one of the coup actors in the group, they entered 2345 on good terms and offered a big project to win the next KvK.

But because it was rejected outright, then a riot ensued. Civil War in Rise of Kingdoms is normal, as a game full of politics, if there is no agreement through diplomatic relations, war is the last resort.


MGE is indeed an event that makes players often forget themselves, damage individual reputations and destroy other players’ hopes just for self-gratification. There have been many cases of conflict caused by MGE RoK.

1958 is not a foreign Kingdom for me personally, like a problematic kingdom. Many witnesses when this kingdom was first formed were immediately hit by a war (Civil War) that made them powerless in KvK Season 1.

They failed to win three KvK in a row. Until finally the victory of KvK Season 4 in the hands of 1958, but that was the beginning of new problems. Because after KvK 4, it turned out that the 58PG and 58PB alliance had a dispute regarding the rotation of the royal throne.

58PB’s staff asked for a rotation system to change the King/King title to be carried out once a week, but 58PG balked on the grounds that PG had alliance buffs and a higher Alliance Gift Level.

Over that small dispute, made dozens of players leave the #1958 kingdom. If you are planning on migrating to 1958, it’s best if you hold on to it first, because the leadership structure is still in disarray and all their plans must be rearranged.