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Hermann Rise of Kingdoms: Best and Strongest RoK Talent

One of the Archer RoK commanders with a high Rage Regeneration skill is Hermann. In the Rise of Kingdoms game, Herman is quite useful for F2P and Low Spender until KvK season 1 ends.

Hermann is an Archer commander who specializes in open field and garrison defense (though not recommended for epic commanders).

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Additionally Hermann has a unique active skill in RoK, “Ambush”, which deals damage, reduces the target’s Rage, and silences the target for 2 seconds (preventing the use of their active skill). (This is further enhanced with the Expertise skill).

Tips for Playing Hermann Rise of Kingdoms

A specialist in Archer units, the skill “Military Genius” was one of his most important passive skills to increase his troops’ attack and marching speed. As a garrison defender, the “Legend of Teutoburger” skill increases the Watchtower’s attack even further.

The “National Hero” skill, is a passive skill for fighting in open fields, increasing the damage of his troops while gaining the possibility of increasing their Rage.

Best Build Talent Hermann RoK

Hermann combines the damage per skill plus the attack of his troops, achieving an incredible DPS balance. Use the following Hermann RoK talent tree to create an open field.

talent hermann best skirt indonesia

He is a commander who specializes in Open-field thanks to his unique combat mechanics and the “Silence” skill.

Although he has talents and skills for garrisoning or defending cities, we don’t recommend using him because of his low defense and resistance, apart from being an epic commander, his stats are much lower than that of a Legend commander, which is much better for this task.

Combo Pair Commander Hermann’s Strongest Pair

Hermann – Kusunoki Masashige : Both commanders with Archer specialties are very helpful for F2P in the early game. A great pairing for open field and garrison defense, both commanders share a common talent and skill set, they make an effective and strong partner for F2P players. Read: Kusunoki Masashige RoK Talent Talent.
Hermann – Yi Seong-Gye : One of the best commanders in the Rise of Kingdoms game thanks to his versatility, effective both PVP and PVE, YSG together with Hermann they combine excellent damage skills + AOE and increased damage for Archer units, in addition to sharing talents and skills to defend the garrison. Please check: YSG Rise of Kingdoms tips.
Hermann – Ramesses II : Why Ramses? He’s one of the best commanders in KvK Season of Conquest or old kingdom. If you are a Low Spender or F2P buddy and your choices are limited, then this duet will be very helpful. Read: Ramses RoK’s Most Powerful Talent.

How to Get Commander Hermann RoK

Tavern: Buddy can get a statue of Hermann through the Golden Key and Silver Key at the Tavern. It can be found in all the kingdoms in the RoK game, even the newly formed ones.

Expedition: go to the Campaign / Campaign > Expedition / Expedition, and every day it changes the Epic commander that appears. You can exchange Rise of Kingdoms medal coins for a statue of Hermann, of course.