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Geek Fam Down, Coach Kyosh Reveals One Reason!

Geek Fam Down, Coach Kyosh Reveals One Reason!

One of the MPL ID Season 9 teams, Geek Fam, will certainly not advance to the playoffs.

Not the first time but 6 times they failed to advance. Since MPL ID became a franchise league, Geek Fam along with seven other teams have always played.

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There was only a team change in season 8 where the disbanded Genflix Aerowolf was replaced by Rebellion Esports.

However, with the many changes from season to season, it seems that luck has not been on the Geek Fam team because for the sixth time they have failed.

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This season could be the worst because they haven’t won 1 match yet, they could match AURA FIRE’s record in season 7 of MPL ID last year.

The Reason Geek Fam Failed in MPL ID Season 9

Their coach, Kyosh, reveals the reason why his team failed this season RevivalTV.

Kyosh Geek Fam
source: ig @kevintirtoo

“There are several factors that make us still overwhelmed, especially our current players who have no experience in MPL except for Schwann and RenV. From the outgame, there’s no problem, but from the playstyle of each of our players, we haven’t really blended in. Moreover, there are players who have just entered during this season,” said Kyosh.

The coach revealed that the factor was experience in MPL, especially when there were players who had just entered during the current season.

It’s possible that if the same roster is maintained, it will be able to bring about changes like AURA in season 7 which, despite being slumped with strong chemistry, can eventually develop rapidly.

Hopefully, in the future, Geek Fam can also experience the playoffs.

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