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3 Hero Mage OP Mobile Legends That Can Open War First

There are more than 20 mage-type heroes in Mobile Legends but only a few of them are OP, can open war first.

Regarding that, SPIN Esports will provide 3 OP Mobile Legends mage heroes who can open a team fight aka open war first, because the task of open war should be owned by a tanker.

Who are the three hero mages? Check out the reviews until the end, spinners.

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You also need to remember that actually all mage heroes can open war first, but only a few of them are the most effective, like these 3 mage heroes.


Mage high ground mobile legends
Photo via pinterest

The first hero is Pharsa, this hero has a very terrible ultimate and is often relied on by players for open war because when Pharsa activates her ultimate, your team has a pretty terrible hero damage area.

Not to mention, to thwart skill 3 Pharsa, it is quite difficult to require certain heroes who have area cc skills.


Hero mage instant kill mobile legends
Photo via WallpaperAccess

Then there is Vale, when he takes out his combo skills, the team fight begins. The skill area is quite wide with terrible damage capable of killing anyone who is hit by the Vale skill.

Even the cooldown of the skills is short enough that it can be spammed continuously to the opponent.


Hero auto win mobile legends
Photo via IG wasabeemochi

His ability is very effective to kill the opponent’s core hero or the opponent’s midlaner so it is very suitable for open war and then his colleagues follow.

Not to mention Kagura is a typical dipper hero so his abilities are really very reliable.

That’s a hero mage who can open war and is very effective in Mobile Legends according to SPIN Esports. Must use this hero if your gameplay is barbaric.

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