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Do Racist Actions, This OP Team From MPL SG Is Subject To Heavy Sanctions!

Do Racist Actions, This OP Team From MPL SG Is Subject To Heavy Sanctions!

Shocking news came from the competitive scene of Mobile Legends, after a team from Singapore was caught on camera committing racism.

This was revealed when Geek Fam MY met with Team OP which is a team from MPL SG in ranked mode while doing livestream.

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In that game, Geek Fam MY who faced the team received unpleasant treatment by making fun of their beliefs.

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Immediately Get Heavy Sanctions

Photo via MPL MY

It didn’t take long for MPL SG to finally investigate the alleged racist act by one of the tournament’s contestants.

Until finally the decision was officially made and declared the entire Team OP roster guilty and immediately received severe sanctions.

Therefore, the following are the sanctions received by the roster and the team who are proven to have committed SARA actions.

  • OP DARA, OP RYEB, OP PAAA: banned for 2 years from all official MPL and MLBB tournaments
  • OP BUSH: banned for 1 year from all official MPL and MLBB tournaments
  • Team OP: sanction -10 points in Regular Season MPL SG

The punishment received by the Team OP roster due to this racist act is of course a fairly severe and very strict punishment from MPL SG as the organizer of the biggest Mobile Legends tournament in Singapore.

Of course, SPIN Esports itself hopes that in the future this unpleasant thing will not happen again in the competitive esports scene in general and especially in the competitive Mobile Legends scene.

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