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Frederick Rise of Kingdoms: Best and Strongest RoK Talent

This time we discuss the commander Frederick Rise of Kingdoms. He belongs to the Legendary Commander RoK category who has three skills namely Leadership, Conquering and Skill. Derived from Germany, with the nickname Barbarossa.

Here’s a guide to playing Frederick I, tips on building a talent tree, combo pairing who is a strong RoK commander for a duet and how to get it.

Frederick Rise of Kingdoms Wallpaper

Tips for Playing Frederick Rise of Kingdoms

Commander Legend, Frederick is a versatile commander for PVP. His talents and skills make him an undisputed leader for attacking enemy cities and garrisons, even as a second commander he is effective for this task.

He was a commander who didn’t use any particular unit as his fortress, on the contrary when relying on a mixed army this would be his main weapon on the battlefield.

Best Build Talent Frederick RoK

Please, friends, use the following build if you want to use mixed troops (Mixed Troops) when leading the Rally of the opponent’s building structure.

Indonesia's best frederick skirt talent

In this latest build we’ll guide Frederick into his most versatile form of attack since becoming a powerful commander by conquering, his multiple talents make him an outstanding striker.

Thanks to his use of mixed forces by not being an expert at leading one type of unit. The talents that we will describe here are the most indicated if we try to balance the damage inflicted, more defense and resistance which will be very important in this build.

We will also have the talent for fast Rage regeneration and increased damage skills for the effectiveness of both types of attacks, both physical and skill.

Frederick RoK . Strengths and Advantages

Versatile commander for PVP, especially attacking cities, his varied talent specialization and upgrades make him a great conqueror.

Frederick has a large troop capacity through skill and talent, ideal for taking advantage of this advantage in Rally.

He has a troop healing factor with probability but is quite effective in PVP.

His role as an outstanding commander both primary and secondary, attacking the city was his forte.

Frederick RoK . Weaknesses and Weaknesses

× Frederick doesn’t have a lot of skill damage and this has a chance to be used until it reaches his Expertise.

× He had no skills or talent for PVE, only meant to be a PVP commander and only attacked cities.

× Open field battles are not a favorite and are not recommended.

× Frederick is a slow commander and his resistance to certain units or troops is not very good.

Combo Pair Commander Frederick RoK Strongest Pair

Frederick – Mehmed II : As a great conqueror, Mehmed’s skills will be perfectly combined with Frederick, the troop capacity and damage factor that Mehmed gets when attacking the city is very suitable for conquest. This is an excellent pairing. Please check: Mehmed RoK’s Strongest Talent.

Frederick – Julius Cesar : Troop capacity and solidity are the two main upgrades we get when pairing Frederick-Julius Caesar, both conqueror who are excellent main and second commanders would make for a terrifying duo.

Frederick – Suleiman : They both have Conquering skills, which makes the duet between the two really worth a try. Frederick will complement the strength of Suleiman’s skills, they cover each other’s shortcomings. Listen: Best Suleiman RoK Talent.

How to Get Commander Frederick RoK

To get Frederick in Rise of Kingdoms is actually easy, you just need to collect as many Golden Keys in the Tavern and open them at one time. Present on all kingdom servers.

In addition to the Tavern, the gold statue of Frederick RoK can also be obtained through the Daily Special Promo bundle to the King Rise of Kingdoms Card.