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Mehmed Rise of Kingdoms: Best and Strongest RoK Talent

Morning RoK friends, on this occasion we will discuss about Mehmed II. The Rise of Kingdoms commander that I often use in the early game to play Sunset/Lost Canyon RoK thanks to his AOE skill.

If you have read the article: Tips for Sunset Canyon RoK, perhaps realizing how essential Mehmed was early in the game. Especially for F2P and Low Spender where their commander options are limited.
mehmed rise of kingdoms wallpaper

For that, we will discuss in more detail about Mehmed RoK as well as build his best talent tree if you want to use him as the main commander during a fight.

Tips for Playing Mehmed Rise of Kingdoms

Mehmed is one of the great conquering commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. His skills and talents made him a born leader, any unit led under his command would have a strong rise in the battlefield.

Versatile commander for PVP, effective and powerful in the open field and attacks against garrisons, especially cities.

His roles as primary and second commander are excellent, he comes across as a commander unique in his style thanks to his effectiveness in any situation or task.

Best Build Talent Mehmed RoK

Even though Mehmed has pure city attack skills, he has a lot of versatility in the open field and one of his variants in PVP is his appearance on the map as a great commander.

Indonesia's best skirt mehmed talent

He is not an expert commander in commanding one type of unit or several, therefore, this makes him an excellent fighter with whatever role he takes with other commanders, both primary and secondary, Mehmed is a great fighter.

My advice, if you are F2P friends and Low Spenders, don’t use Mehmed as the main commander for the enemy Rally. Because there are still many better commanders in terms of Conquering.

Mehmed RoK . Strengths and Advantages

Mehmed is a great Commander for PvP, versatile and powerful both in the open field and attacking cities.

He has a prestigious AOE damage skill that can inflict massive damage on his enemies.

Mehmed II has a large troop capacity which makes him a capable leader to vary the type of troops on several occasions, even the use of mixed troops (Mixed Troops) is very good.

Mehmed RoK .’s Weaknesses and Weaknesses

× Mehmed doesn’t have the Healing Factor.

× By not having specialized in commanding a specific type of unit, his defense is low in talent and skill, he has far better damage than resistance to battle.

Combo Pair Commander Mehmed Strongest Pair

Duet Mehmed – Suleiman : A solid pairing, both of them are equally good at attacking the city thanks to the Conquering skill and talent. But remember, usually only the sultan uses this combo. Please read: Talent Suleiman RoK.
Duet Aethelflaed – Mehmed : Duo can really be used to play Lost Canyon and Sunset Canyon in KvK season 1. Both of them have strong AOE damage skills and mixed troop types. Check: Best Aethelflaed RoK Talent.

Duet Mehmed – Frederick : Commander Frederick is one of the best partners we can use to attack the city with Mehmed, he has strong skills only focusing on this type of battle, even his healing factor is effective when attacking the city and provides high level support to the troops led by Mehmed, this is one of the best options for Rally.

How to Get Commander Mehmed RoK

It’s easy to get Mehmed Rise of Kingdoms in all kingdoms, players can already get it through the Golden Key at the Tavern for free.

In addition, you can summon Mehmed in Rise of Kingdoms by collecting gold statues through the RoK Card King event which usually appears at the end of KvK Season 1.