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Belisarius Rise of Kingdoms: Best and Strongest RoK Talent

Just like commander Cao Cao, Belisarius’ specialty is leading Cavalry units in Rise of Kingdoms. And because of his Mobility skills he also made him nicknamed the commander of the rogue in the game RoK.

Of course not without reason. Belisarius, even in a duet with the expert Cao Cao, will be difficult to catch. Plus the mobility of Cavalry troops is higher than Infantry and Archers.

belisarius rise of kingdoms wallpaper skirt

So when hunting for players who are farming, Belisarius will be really good to be relied on to hit the enemy’s siege troops. Especially if your kingdom is housed in KvK.

But all of that also comes back again depending on the talent used. So here we will discuss the best Belisarius talent in the RoK game so that it can be useful even though he is only an Epic Commander.

Tips for Playing Belisarius Rise of Kingdoms

Belisarius is considered one of the fastest and most versatile Epic commanders, specializing in leading the Cavalry.

He is a great Epic commander that every player on their commander list should have as a great option for Open-field, especially Hit and Run.

His active skill “Deception” is amazing thanks to the massive debuff of reduced Attack and Defense that deals with the target in addition to dealing considerable damage.

There is also the skill “Bucellarii” is a passive skill that makes him a very defensive commander to lead a cavalry because it provides a strong percentage of Defense, and is fast to escape from any situation (this skill is enhanced by “Expertise”).

His last passive skill “Oblique Tactics” makes Belisarius deal more damage by reducing the target’s defense to 50%.

Best Build Talent Belisarius RoK

My advice is, my friend, just use Belisarius talent, begal. If at any time it is needed to hunt farmers in KvK it will be very interesting to play.

Remember! Hunting for farmers is one of the strategies in the Rise of Kingdoms game to annoy opponents so that enemy players cannot collect additional SDA.

talent belisarius the best begal skirt Indonesia

Belisarius is one of the fastest Rise of Kingdoms commanders, this build is very good for hunting down many enemies who are trying to escape from us.

You can also use it as an F2P player who hunts enemy farming troops to weaken their troops and resources.

This is a fun game mode that many F2P players do to increase their stats. This build focuses on the march speed (Speed) that Belisarius can achieve in any situation.

Combo Pair The Strongest Belisarius Commander Pair

Belisarius – Cao Cao : As already said at the beginning. These two Cavalry commanders will be the perfect duet in their class, to rob enemy farming troops and speed up March Speed. Cao Cao is a Cavalry Commander who specializes in Peacekeeping thanks to his talent and skills, CC is one of the best combinations with Belisarius to defeat Barbarian Fort. See also: Cao Cao’s Talent Rise of Kingdoms.
Belisarius – Aethelflaed : Considered the best commander for PVE in RoK games and one of the best for F2P players, relied on to play Fort and defeat barbarians. Check: Talent Aethelflaed Rise of Kingdom.

Belisarius – Lohar : Commander Lohar is perfect for PVE, troop defense and healing when defeating Barbarian, Guardian and Barbarian Fort units are incredible to last a long time without returning to the city.

How to Get Commander Belisarius RoK

You can get Belisarius Rise of Kingdoms in various ways. Namely first through the Tavern either Golden Key or Silver Key.

The second can go through the Expedition / Expedition by exchanging gold medal coins (Medal Coin) to the Belisarius Sculpture statue to summon him.

If you play Rise of Kingdoms using Byzantine civilization from the start, then Belisarius can be obtained without conditions.