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Fast X Becomes the Official Title for the 10th Fast and Furious Movie

Fast and Furious 10 makes Fast X the official title of its newest franchise. This was also leaked directly by the players themselves, namely Vin Diesel aka Dominic Toretto.

Fast and Furious is a film series with an action genre that focuses on wild racing with missions that seem ‘impossible’. This franchise was first started in 2001 under the title The Fast and the Furious. Since then, several sequels and a spin-off of this film have been made.

Now, the franchise already has 7 series and 2 short films, which makes The Fast and the Furious one of the most serialized films of all time.

Fast and Furious 10 Will Use the Fast X Title

Recently, Vin Diesel, who will still be playing Dominic Toretto, shared a photo showing that the official title of Fast and Furious 10 is Fast X. In the caption, he wrote “Day one” which seems to give the fact that this film has just started its production phase.

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For the storyline, Vin Diesel and the director are still keeping it a secret. To be sure, this 10th series will continue to present exciting actions from the characters. Not to forget, the dangerous missions that must be carried out by the characters will still be presented, guys.

Besides Vin Diesel, there are several other actors officially starring in Fast X, namely Jason Momoa, Brie Larson, and Daniela Melchior. Many claim that Brie Larson will become Dom’s new family, while Momoa will be the new villain that Dom and his friends have to face.

Fast X
Photo: Geek Culture

Behind the scenes, Justin Lin, who also worked on F9 (2022), will again be lined up to direct the latest series from the Fast and Furious franchise. Justin Lin was determined to give his all in this film.

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Please be patient, guys, because this film is still in the production stage, it is certain that the release will take quite a while. However, Universal Pictures targets that Fast X can be watched by all its fans on May 19, 2023.