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Tomorrow's FF Top Up Bonus Leaks, There's This Cool Gun Skin & Face Paint!

Tomorrow’s FF Top Up Bonus Leaks, There’s This Cool Gun Skin & Face Paint!

It’s no secret for Free Fire (FF) players that the top up bonus event is one of the targets to get cool skin items for free.

The reason is, in this event players can buy diamonds as well as get cool Free Fire items for free. Where, the two things are items that are equally hunted by players.

Recently, the top up bonus event always comes in a row with cool prizes that certainly won’t disappoint the players who get it.

If you are eyeing a top up bonus, then the prize that will be obtained in the near future may be the answer for you

Curious about the leaked Free Fire (FF) diamond top up bonus that is coming tomorrow? Come on, take a look in the following article!

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Tomorrow’s FF Top Up Bonus Leaks

Reporting from a leak given by GM Rido Odiri on the Kulgar YouTube Channel, the top up bonus event is back for players in a few days.

No half-hearted, players can immediately get two prizes at once. Players are guaranteed not to be disappointed because the prizes that are present are a face skin and also the gun skin of Free Fire’s newest weapon, the G36.

The two items are Facepaint Holi Hues and also G36 Violet Fear with stats that are quite tempting as new weapon skins.

You can get both skins at the same time at a discounted price, which is to top up diamonds of 200 diamonds in the period from 23 to 29 April 2022.

Or you can get it separately for 100 diamonds for G36 Violet Fear and 140 diamonds for Facepaint Holi Hues skin.

To get it you can also directly follow the tutorial below:

  • Select the Diamond logo at the top of the Free Fire main menu screen
  • Open Top-up chart
  • Top up a minimum of 200 Diamonds
  • Confirm payment
  • Visit Event>Top Up Bonus
  • Press Fetch
  • Get Facepaint Holi Hues and G36 Violet Fear in Vault Tab

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That’s the way to get 2 items at once for free in the latest Free Fire (FF) top up bonus event! Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube we.