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Can National Team Players Play in MPL Playoffs? This is Ibn Riza's answer!

Can National Team Players Play in MPL Playoffs? This is Ibn Riza’s answer!

The date for the MPL ID Season 9 Playoffs has finally been officially announced and the 4-day match will start from 21 to 24 April.

Interestingly, the round will certainly coincide with the second stage of the national training which will take place from April 17 to May 9, 2022.

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This of course raises questions among the Mobile Legends community considering the concurrent schedule.

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National Team Players Allowed to Compete

Fighting for the MPL ID title as well as winning the 2022 SEA Games gold medal is of course equally important for the national team players who will strengthen Indonesia in these two events.

However, problems had arisen regarding the date of Pelatnas and the Playoffs which were certain to coincide.

This certainly makes fans worried, considering that the pillars that strengthen the Indonesian national team are also important pillars for their respective teams to face the Playoffs.

Until finally, it was confirmed that this concern disappeared after Ibnu Riza as the chairman of IESPA who served as the Head of the Indonesian Esports National Team.

“They can play in all MPL matches,” said Ibn Riza as quoted from Mother Moba.

In addition, Ibnu Riza estimates that the departure of players will take place on May 10 after the Playoff round is complete.

With this confirmation, it is certain that the players who strengthen the Indonesian national team will participate in the MPL ID Season 9 Playoffs.

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