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Estimated Release Date of FF Advance Server OB34 2022, How Much Longer?

Estimated Release Date of FF Advance Server OB34 2022, How Much Longer?

The presence of the Free Fire (FF) OB33 update in March 2022 yesterday just passed a few weeks ago.

And everything that was introduced on March Advance Server has almost all been released on the original server.

The update has brought some of the most significant changes and features to date, including the Link System, character balance, and weapon customization. Although new, several other new features have begun to be prepared again in future updates.

For those of you who have been waiting for it, here are the estimates regarding the release date of FF Advance Server OB34 May 2022!

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FF Advance Server OB34 Release Date

Date FF Advance Server OB34

Considering that the maintenance server for massive updates continues to be carried out by Free Fire every two months, this is not surprising.

The upcoming OB34 update is expected to be released to coincide with the end of the Clash Squad (CS) Rank season on May 24 or 25, 2022.

Since according to the schedule, Season 12 of CS Rank ends on May 25, 2022, the update will likely be available on the dates listed above.

However, before players can access the update later, of course, all updates will go through the testing stage first on the Advance Server.

Usually, the Free Fire Advance Server is released about two weeks before the patch, and since the update is expected to air on May 24, it can be concluded that the Advance Server is open from May 10 to 12.

On Advance Server later, players can send feedback to developers so they can address any bugs or issues before the official launch.

In order to access the trial server, players need an activation code which is only available to selected registrants.

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Those are a few estimates about the arrival of updates and the Free Fire update trial server in the coming season.

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