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AC Milan and BitMEX Cooperate to Present Limited Edition NFT

AC Milan and BitMEX have officially teamed up to create a limited edition NFT. The plan, this NFT will be released on April 14, 2022.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) fame has indeed reached the world of sports, especially football. Now, several top European clubs have entered the NFT world as a form of their support for technological developments in the digital asset sector.

There are also football clubs that have entered the NFT business, namely Liverpool, FC Dynamo Kiev, TSG Hoffenheim, AS Monaco and many others, including the legendary Italian club, AC Milan.

AC Milan and BitMEX Ready to Launch NFT

Quoted from Cryptopotato, apart from BitMEX, AC Milan has also collaborated with FanSea in launching its digital token. FanSea itself will later embed a sustainable technology into the NFT.

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The NFT is a 3D creation in the form of an AC Milan jersey from South Sudan. The jersey with the Balotelli nameset looks very outdated because some parts have been torn and sewn manually by hand.

Later, all of the proceeds from the sale of the NFT will be donated to NGOs and to help with the humanitarian crisis currently occurring in Ukraine. In total, 75,817 certified digital tokens will be marketed on the website on April 14. You can redeem this NFT for €45.

In addition, the non-profit organization Fondazione Milan will also benefit from the sale of the NFT.

AC Milan NFT
Photo: AC Milan

Initially, this jersey was once worn by a boy from South Sudan who was heading to the Milan museum. Later, Danish photographer Jan Grarup bought the boy a new jersey and took his worn out jersey.

Furthermore, the jersey was given to AC Milan and was on display at the Mondo Milan Museum at Casa Milan. Because it was considered unique, the jersey was finally made an NFT version and will be sold by AC Milan.

“Thanks to AC Milan partner BitMEX, who have committed to contribute to the project by making a donation to Fondazione Milan through the purchase of a special NFT in bulk, the first 10,000 fans who pre-order NFT will also receive an additional benefit, allowing users to get trading discounts and other benefits on” AC Milan wrote in its official statement.

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Apart from being used as a ‘business field’, AC Milan also hopes that this digital token can be used as a means to build a closer relationship between fans and the club.