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After Alex and YSG, Who's the Next Focus? Commander Rise of Kingdoms

guan yu 5155 rise of kingdoms rok

If YSG and Alex have expertise, then which commander should we focus on?” – Good question! Alexander The Great and Yi Seong-Gye are legendary commanders that should be prioritized for Expertise in Rise of Kingdoms. It doesn’t matter if you are Big Spender, Low Spender and F2P.

Because Alexander the Great and YSG have so far been two of the best legendary commanders whose skills must be maximized. Alex has active skills and passive skills that are qualified for pure open field warfare, meaning that there are no special skills for Garrison, Rally or Barbarian.

While YSG is a versatile commander and he has 360-degree AOE that can eradicate the enemy for a maximum of 5 marching troops around his circle, regardless of your troop type focus, whether Infantry Guys, Archer Gank, or Cavalry Squad, still Yi Seong-Gye must be the first commander in expertise after that Alex.

As already mentioned as a versatile commander, the majority of YSG’s position as a second commander (Secondary Commander), can be compared to Richard for Barbarian Chain in KvK, paired with Aethelflaed for Sunset/Lost Canyon.

It’s very rare for RoK players to make YSG their Primary Commander, why is that? Because of Yi Seong-Gye he is often the first target for the enemy when the war is in the open field.

Well, back to topic. After YSG and Alex are maxed out, what should we do next for Universal Legendary Sculpture? Or which legend commander is used for? Here’s the guide.

#Back to Focus your Troop Type.

As mentioned earlier, Alex & YSG are 100% required expertise no matter what type of troops you focus on playing Rise of Kingdoms.

If the second skill has been maximized, then the best answer to the question is to return to the commander for the type of troop that you are focusing on. For example, if you are an Infantry player, then save the gold statue for the following Infantry commanders:

1. Guan Yu

3. Harald Sigurdsson

5. K’Inich Janaab Pakal

6. Zenobia

7. Constantine I

Do all of the above commanders have expertise too? Expertise is always better. Of course not everything is mandatory. But specifically, Cheok Jungyeong is similar to Alex, meaning if you want to last longer in the conquest season, then investing in Legendary Sculpture in him is highly recommended.

Meanwhile, Guan Yu is the most used commander in Season of Conquest or KvK 4 and so on. He doesn’t have to be expertise, just get skill 5155 if you’re lucky, even though it’s a bit difficult.

Guan Yu’s second skill “Conquering” is only needed for those who like to lead Rally or Rally Leader. So if you are not the type of player who leads the rally then these two skills are not needed at all, but his 3 & 4 skills are really good. There are additional damage bonuses and instant healing.

Zenobia and Constantine are the last option, if my friend likes to lead Garrison both defending the crusader flag, city defense, & Crusader Alliance Fort then he must Expertise.

Moreover, Constantine has buff and debuff skills, minimal damage but. Yes, it’s good to be juxtaposed with Joan of Arc at Sunset Canyon & Lost Canyon. Constantine 5511 is quite okay, there are rarely F2P/Low Spenders in this game whose expertise is he except for the sultans of RoK.

Archer players? Then the following legendary Archer commanders are highly recommended:

2. Cyrus the Great (Cyrus The Great)

3. Ramses II (Ramesses)

5. Edward of Woodstock

6. Tomyris

That’s the order from the most recommended to the least prioritized. Because this Tomyris is considered the weakest of the commanders listed above, he is also often used as the second commander.

If I recommend Ramesses for Archer players. If he is an expert, then these Ramses provide additional damage to the enemy by at least 80% Attack! Then he also has a Heal Factor, making troops heal instantly when fighting in the open field.

Archer is one that is rarely played. Why? Very expensive, in the sense that almost all of the commanders must maximize their skills (Expertise). Moreover, Archers are the main target when the war is in the open field.

Then if you are a Cavalry player, then the following Cavalry Commander options can be considered to focus on improving their skills:

1. Saladin

2. Xiang Yu

3. Attila

4. William I

5. Genghis Khan

6. Jadwiga

7. Takeda Shingen

8. Alexander Nevsky (only if you already have Xiang Yu Expertise or Saladin 5551)

Nevsky is the new Cavalry commander who has successfully transformed META. He is more often used as the second commander (Secondary Commander) behind Xiang Yu or Saladin, therefore my friend first focus on the main commander before Max skill Nevsky.

Why is Takeda Shingen not a priority? His position is indeed better to be made Secondary Commander or second commander and paired with Attila. If they are both expertise, then the skill will be even more solid.

Saladin is the most recommended commander for Cavalry players. Just increase his skill to 5551 and save the gold statue for another commander, Saladin can be used from the start of KvK Season 2 and continues to function until late in the game in Season of Conquest.

Meanwhile, if you are a Rally Leader who likes to attack crusader flags in KvK or enemy cities, then Attila and Xiang Yu need expertise. For William the same as Saladin, just make it 5551.

Conclusion: After maximizing the two legendary commanders, namely Alex and YSG, it is often confusing for Rise of Kingdoms players. Be careful when using the Universal Legendary Sculpture so you don’t collect it in vain. The advice above can be a reference so you don’t get confused anymore.