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How to Overcome Lag Rise of Kingdoms on Android and iPhone

how to fix lag rise of kingdoms

It must be admitted that Lag is a problem that often occurs in the Rise of Kingdoms game. Generally, players always get lag in this RoK when there is a massive war involving many March troops.

And usually lag often appears in the Lost Kingdom event. For years, Lilith Games, as a RoK developer, has tried to make this game minimal lag. It’s hard to completely reduce lag considering this is a war game that involves many players at once.

Moreover, one player can send a maximum of 7 marches (in the season of conquest/SoC) in one march on average there are more than 200 thousand troops. Imagine there are hundreds of different players with more than 5 troop marches per player.

So, right now they can only minimize it by releasing a Simplified Graphic (Simply Graph) which sometimes automatically appears when there is a buildup of troops.

If you think that Lag in Rise of Kingdoms only occurs on Android OS devices, then you are wrong.

Even sultan players such as BABA TC ATATURK who use the most advanced assembled PC with an emulator while playing, always experience lag, especially when troops accumulate in the midst of a large open field war, especially Android and iOS.

Yes, Lag generally occurs when many troops gather at one point in a frame on the device we are playing.

Every time there is a Patch Notes Update, Lilith will definitely include points that mention their efforts to reduce lag. And maybe will continue to work on it for the convenience of playing all governors in RoK.

But we have tips to reduce Lag in Rise of Kingdoms. Remember, just minimizing does not mean completely eliminating this Bug, Error or Lag.

1. Log in to your Rise of Kingdoms account, make sure to go to the main account, not a farm or a Jumper.

2. Tap the profile photo in the upper left corner, then select Arrangement (Settings) with the gear icon.

3. Next tap the button “General Settings” (General Settings) which still has the same gear logo.

4. In Graphic Quality, select High (Tall) or Medium (Medium) only if there is a war and if there is no war move it again to Very High (Very high).

5. Then in the Frame Rate section, it can be right-aligned either during war or without war to make it smoother. As long as the quality of the graphics must be adjusted to the conditions.

6. Next scroll the screen down until the option appears “Turn Off Screen Flicker (Disable Screen Blinking)” is also activated by sliding the Toggle ON to the right during a major war in KvK.

7. Continue down again until you find “Simplify Graphics Mode” it’s also enough to activate it during war to make it lighter.

Done, to save all changes, just go back to the previous page or press the cross button at the top right. Thus, my friend can minimize the occurrence of lag when war in KvK Rise of Kingdoms.

It is recommended that you re-login every 3-4 hours if you play non-stop, then once a week at least restart the device. Restarting HP can have a good effect on overcoming lag in Rise of Kingdoms.