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About Holiday Events at Rise of Kingdoms and the Schedule

7k gems rise of kingdoms event

You may often hear conversations in alliance groups, Lost Kingdom Chat or Kingdom Chatrooms about “Holiday Event” in the game Rise of Kingdoms. However, I don’t fully understand what the event is like.

Well, here we will review everything about the Rise of Kingdoms Holiday Event, including the estimated schedule for when these events will be held by Lilith. Although not completely absolute, because it can change at any time.

Holiday Event is a term that refers to a special event held during the holiday season by Lilith Games at Rise of Kingdoms. Usually there will be interesting quests or missions that players must complete to get prizes.

Thanks to the tempting prizes, that’s why the Holiday Event is often awaited by RoK users. These include City Theme (CH Skin), Name Plaque (Nameplate) to limited edition Avatar Frames.

When will the Rise of Kingdoms Holiday Event be held? No one knows for sure, but Lilith’s track record usually issues this special event every 3-4 months. Depends on what celebrations are in our real world.

For example, last summer holiday there was a series of “Summer Festival” events, or at the end of October every year there was a “Halloween Event”, and at the end of the year of course there was a “Winter / Christmas Festival”.

Note: Holiday Event Rise of Kingdoms is divided into two types. Namely 5K Gems and 7K Gem events, some of you must have understood.

10k means an event that normally requires five thousand gems to get a CH skin & sometimes this edition has a Blueprint/Blueprint for accessories like Silent Trial or Delane’s Amulet.

While 7K gems are more popular because of the large number of free gold statues if they reach level 25, at least you can get 35 Gold Heads.

Both the 7 thousand gems and 10 thousand gems events will be accompanied by a special 5-day holiday event.

But this is held regularly by Lilith as a developer. Of course, events like that seem to be a breath of fresh air for Rise of Kingdoms players who are always given boring events every week.

The most attractive gifts for each person can be different. There are those who are after free Gems, Speedups, Legendary Sculptures, Gold Keys, and as mentioned earlier, City Skins.

Unfortunately for the CH skin in Rise of Kingdoms, most of the Epic/Elite types are easily obtained by F2P. For those of you who are P2W, you can get a City legend skin in the season of conquest by upgrading Crystal technology.

There is a mission similar to the Strategic Reserve event, where we have to farm SDA / RSS on the map and once finished we will get a box to collect and exchange for prizes.

Our advice, farming at SDA level 1 which is 120k Food or Wood. Usually in Zone 1 of the Kingdom, not available in KvK / Lost Kingdom. SDA collection of farming buildings in town every 45 minutes.

Don’t forget to defeat as many barbarians as possible, use the 5 Marches of the troop group. If the reward is Arrow of Resistance, use spare Action Points to collect the item.

As you know, the Arrow of Resistance is one of the rare items for upgrading the watchtower building. So don’t waste the event that gives us the Arrow of Resistance.

Meanwhile, if you need a golden statue or Legendary Sculpture to upgrade the legendary commander’s skill, please aim for the target to get the prize. For F2P, getting the gold statue is highly recommended at the Rise of Kingdoms Holiday Event, that’s all.