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Buying and Selling Kingdom Servers in Rise of Kingdoms Is Not a Myth

sell kingdom rise of kingdoms kingdom
Maybe RoK friends are more often presented with buying and selling Rise of Kingdoms accounts which Lilith actually doesn’t recommend, but there are still many who make these transactions.

But did you know that there is something even more extreme, namely selling their thrones, positions and royal crowns to other people?

Sell ​​in the sense here, literally, give it to others and exchange it for money as well.

Why can? Isn’t the server managed by the developer? What is meant by selling the kingdom is giving up the throne of the kingdom to a potential buyer, in this case other players who are already or have not become residents of the kingdom.

So for example, you and your friends in an alliance rule the kingdom, one of your friends may become King or King.

This is not a myth, my friend, true events and facts according to reality, the reality that is happening in the current RoK era. Buying and selling Kingdom is really not allowed because it injures fair play in playing.

If you have ever felt that many players from your kingdom have migrated to other kingdoms, and your kingdom is currently controlled by tens to hundreds of new, very foreign players, then you can suspect a transfer of power through buying and selling servers.

Then what are the advantages of ruling the kingdom? There are so many, the following points can be evidence:

1. Manage Thousands of Players

Each server in Rise of Kingdoms has thousands of active players. You can manage thousands of players on the royal server, feel how beautiful it is to be a King or a King that you will never get in the real world.

Feel how good it is to be praised by players when they win KvK, and be encouraged by them even though they lost to being slaughtered at the Lost Kingdom event. Indeed, for some people, this is incomparable pleasure.

2. Master MGE

The Mightiest Governor Event or familiarly called MGE, is a bi-weekly event that always appears in Rise of Kingdoms. The prize is tempting, the first place winner gets 180 gold statues of the commander of his choice.

Now imagine that you and your friends rule the kingdom, when this Greatest Governor event comes, all you have to do is discuss with your colleagues to determine the rank of 1-15 for anyone who wants it.

In addition, my friend can also apply for the first rank. 180 gold statues is a very fantastic number to help progress to improve the legendary commander’s skills.

It only takes 4 wins to rank one with a prize of 180 gold statues, you can immediately get the expertise of the legendary commander. Isn’t that a wonderful pleasure?

Even in some Kingdoms, regular events that require speedup as well such as “Game of Power”, “Now or Never”, “From The Ground Up”, “Training Day” are determined or fixed, whoever the winner must be ranked 1-5 . If a player’s name is not registered in this fixed event, he or she is threatened with zero.

3. Golden Chest Collection

When you are in a royal environment that controls a certain server, let alone the status of a King or King, you will automatically master the Lost Temple and be in the strongest alliance.

The place where the sultans in the kingdom stay silent, the days get a Golden Chest, helping your account progress faster and better. Not to mention the Wooden, Stone, Bronze, Iron and Silver Chests that stop by every day.

4. Taking Building Structures For Buff At will

As we know that in that kingdom there are sacred sites or buildings that have buffs such as Sanctum, Altar, Shrine. Everyone has different buffs, now just imagine that you were King and King in a lonely Kingdom.

You can choose to take all the holy sites throughout the kingdom, besides being able to complete achievements in the game, you will also feel how strong your alliance is when the war in KvK.

Moreover, taking a lot of buildings with the Training Speed ​​buff, which previously took 2000 troops to train in a day could turn out to be only half a day. A favor that again can not be avoided.

As well as other advantages that you will feel when you control a royal server with your alliance friends without anyone bothering you.

Just set the maximum limit for immigrant power as low as possible so that no one will coup Lost Temple and take the throne off of you.

Then how much is the total price of a Kingdom? It all depends on the specifications, whether the kingdom is active or tends to be passive (a few active players).

Some time ago there was a Vietnamese RoK player who handed over the royal throne to a group of players from Japan with a dowry of 10 thousand US dollars, now the royal server which was previously dominated by Vietnamese players has turned completely filled with Nippon.

Even the new king on the server urged all other Vietnamese and Southeast Asian players to migrate out of the kingdom, or they would be in danger of being hit with zero cities. Until now Japan is still in control of the kingdom.

Perhaps what distinguishes it from buying and selling accounts is that transactions selling the Kingdom are carried out smoothly and not too openly. That means more often via direct private messages than to the Rise of Kingdoms group/forum.