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4 Best Ramadan Imsakiyah Schedule Applications 2022

Ramadan Imsakiyah Schedule Application

The following is a recommended list of the best Ramadan Imsak schedule applications that can help you find out the exact time of Imsak.

Yep, as we know that Imsak is a time that indicates that fasting time has started. That is, we are not allowed to eat and drink again when it has shown that time.

Therefore, to avoid doubts, we need to know the imsak time schedule so that we can do sahur activities calmly. Moreover, in today’s modern era, it is easy for us to obtain the Imsakiyah schedule, one of which is through the Imsakiyah schedule application.

Well, for those of you who need an imsakiyah schedule application, below, BugisTekno has summarized some. Come on, let’s just have a look!

The Best Ramadan Imsakiyah Schedule Application

1. Muslim

Muslim App

The first application recommendation is Muslim. This application will work as your assistant in conveying imsak time.

Not only that, this Muslim application is also equipped with various features to support your worship in the holy month of Ramadan. Such as the availability of sahur time, Qibla direction finder, dhikr reading, and much more.

2. Athan

Athan App

Next, the second application to check the schedule for imsakiyah and iftar is Athan. This application also has a feature that you can use to determine the beginning and end of fasting.

Meanwhile, this application also provides a complete prayer time schedule. Then, another feature that can support worship in the month of Ramadan is reading the Koran which can make it easier for you to recite the Koran.



An imsak schedule application that is no less interesting in terms of features is IMPRESSION. Although, this application is still relatively new, the features available are also very good to accompany your worship in the holy month of Ramadan.

In addition to the imsak schedule, this IMPRESSION application also contains the Koran and its translation, prayers, dhikr and prayers, prayer schedules, Qibla direction and much more.

4. Umma

Umma App

The list of applications for the fourth automatic imsak and adhan daily schedule is named Umma. This application also provides a prayer time reminder feature, Qibla direction, and the location of the nearest mosque.

In addition, in this application you can find a calendar that contains a schedule for Muslim holidays. This feature is very useful and makes it easier for you, in carrying out all worship activities, including during the month of Ramadan.

Well, those were some lists of the best imsakiyah schedule applications for Android that can accompany you in worshiping in the holy month of Ramadan.