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How to Stop Automatic App Updates on Android

How to Stop Automatic App Updates on Android

On every Android smartphone there must be various kinds of applications installed. Because with the application, Android smartphones can be used in various activities.

Every application or game installed on an Android smartphone has its own version and will always be updated so that the application can fix bugs or errors in it. Another purpose of the application is asking for updates when providing the latest features for its users.

Therefore, you will always find applications that are automatically updated. Even though not all applications must be updated, only the important applications. Because it can cause the internet quota to be drained out.

Then, how to overcome this? Yes, of course by stopping the automatic update of the application. Well, for those of you who don’t know how to stop automatic app updates on Android, please see the following review.

How to Stop Automatic App Updates on Android

To stop downloading automatic application updates, you can do it quite easily. The method is that you only need to change the settings in the Play Store. For more details, please follow these steps:

  • Open the Play Store application on your Android phone.
  • Then press menu Profile in the upper right corner, then select Settings.
  • On the menu, please select Network preferences.
  • Next press Automatic updates of apps.
  • In the available options select Don’t auto-update apps.
  • Done.
Stop Automatic Updates of Android Apps

In addition, if you still want to automatically update applications on Android without using internet quota, then you can choose the automatic application update menu with Via Wi-Fi only.

So that when your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, the application will automatically update using the Wi-Fi network. Not by consuming your internet quota.

Well, if that was the article on how to stop automatic app updates on Android. May be useful.