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9 Best Android Cashier Apps for Running a Business!

Best Android Cashier Apps

Are you running a business but don’t have a cash register? Take it easy buddy, because you can use your Android smartphone as a cash register for your business needs.

As we know, the cashier is one of the important factors in a business or business to serve payments made by consumers. Without a cashier, of course, financial management will not be optimal.

However, some business people, especially MSMEs, are constrained because they do not have a cash register which is quite expensive. In fact, in today’s modern era we can use an Android smartphone as a substitute for the cash register function so that it can save costs in the process of business activities.

Well, for those of you who need a cash register application, below, Bugistekno has compiled a list of some of the best cashier applications, easy to use and of course free. Therefore, let’s just look at the following application review.

Recommended Best Cashier Apps for Android

1. Smart Cashier Free

Smart Cashier App Free

The first best cashier application is Kasir Pintar Free. This application provides a simple display and navigation using a cloud-based system so that users can access online and offline.

One of the excellent features of this application is the barcode scanner mode, with this feature you can find out the price just by pointing the Android camera at the barcode of each item to be sold. So you no longer have to bother to remember the price of every item in the store.

2. Loyverse

Loyverse Cashier App

If you are looking for an Android cashier application that can print grocery receipts, the Loyverse application can be your choice. This application is easy to use and various features are also available.

The features range from applying discounts, accepting electronic money payments to automatically recording sales. It is suitable for those of you who are in the business of cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, salons, shops, and others.

3. Cash register

Cash Register App

Furthermore, the application made by MK Selada offers convenience in its management. You can use this application for various business activities, such as selling credit, workshops, pharmacies to online shops.

This application also offers various unique features such as setting the currency you use, being able to topup e-money, printing receipts and many other interesting features.

4. Kasirku (Shop & Warung)

My Cashier App

In accordance with the name of the application, if you are planning to open a shop or shop, the Kasirku application can be the right choice.

This application is easy and free, you don’t have to pay anything to enjoy all the features in it. Not only that, the various features are also no less great than the previous application. Moreover, you can use it without an internet connection.

5. POS Qasir

Qasir POS App

One of the next best cashier application options is POS Qasir. This application has been used by more than 500,000 MSMEs throughout Indonesia which is suitable for various types of businesses.

This application is able to provide reports in real time. Not only that, the advantages of this application can also give you a mini website for promotional purposes so that you can reach a wider market.

6. Pawoon

Pawoon Cashier App

This Pawoon application presents a simpler and more modern look. For those of you who have many businesses such as cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and others, this application is suitable for you. Armed with the Pawoon application, you can easily control all sales transactions in all businesses.

In addition, this application can also be connected to any type of dot matrix or thermal printer to print receipts. However, to be able to use this cashier application, you must first create an account on the site, then download the application and log in to the account you have created.

7. Omega POS

Omega POS App

One of the best and free Android cashier applications that is also worth trying is Omega POS. There are many advantages that you can get through this application, ranging from managing finances, employee management, to analyzing inventory data online and in real time.

In addition, the Omega POS application is the only application that has a very attached module for inventory and accounting, making this application recommended for business people.

8. Moka POS

Moka POS App

The cashier application recommendation which is the eighth list is Moka POS. This application is also superior in terms of features, where you can manage finances easily and simply.

As for the available features, namely access to sales data and transaction history, invoices, manage the flow of funds and refund problems, create promotional programs, and much more.

In addition, this application also allows you to manage the management of employees who will serve as cashiers in your business. So that you are a business managing a large-scale business through this one cashier application.

9. Cashier Strawberry

Cashier Strawberry App

The best cashier application on the last list in this review is Strawberry Kasir. Although, the admin puts it in the last list position, that doesn’t mean this cashier application is not good.

Judging from the application developer, Strawberry Cashier was created by PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia to make it easier for business actors to manage various transaction activities.

Not only that, this application also provides complete features. You can add, delete, or edit a product. You will also get periodic reports containing transaction information, expenses and income, profit/loss and much more.

So, those were some of the recommendations for the best cashier applications on Android to run a business. You can download the above application for free on the Google Play Store. Good luck and thanks for visiting.