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How to Use Google Meet on Mobile and Laptop

Free Google Meet Tutorials – Recently, Google published an application called Google Meet.

A little explanation about what is Google Meet? Google Meet is a Video Call-based application that can join up to 250 people at once.

Just like the Zoom application, but Google Meet has a few differences.

One of the differences between Google Meet and other video calling applications is that the moderator or chairperson of the meeting takes precedence over the meeting participant screen itself.

The Google Meet application is great for meetings, online learning with teachers or lecturers who are able to bring together many people online.

However, because this application is fairly new and there are still many people who do not know how to operate Google Meet.

Because Google Meet can be used on both PC and mobile, then I will share about how to use Google Meet on these two platforms.

Here’s How to Use Google Meet on HP and Laptops.

How to Use Google Meet on PC and Mobile

Because different platforms will also distinguish Google Meet versions.

Here I will first discuss how to use Google Meet on HP.

1. How to Use Google Meet on Mobile

  • After the Google Meet application is installed on your cellphone, then you open it and “Sign Up” with your Gmail account.
  • Then there will be 2 options, namely “New Meeting” and “Meeting Code“. (If you want to start a meeting you select New meeting, but if you want to join you select “Meeting Code” and enter the code shared by your meeting group).
  • You can also choose “New Meeting“Which means you start the meeting.
  • And your code will appear, just share it with the member you are meeting with so that the code can be entered in “Meeting Code” and automatically your friends join your Meeting Area.

That’s how to use Google Meet on a cellphone very easily.

You can use the method above on an Android or Iphone cellphone that supports the Google Meet application.

2. How to Use Google Meet on Laptop / PC

  • The display will appear “New Meet” and “Meeting Code“.
  • Select New Meeting if you want to start a meeting and select Meeting code to enter the meeting code.
  • Choose one and invite your friends to chat virtually with many people.
  • Next Click SIGN UP to register a google account.
  • Enjoy Meeting with your friends virtually.

That’s How to Use Google Meet on HP and Laptops.

The thing to note using Google Meet is that you have to invite friends to use Google Meet if you want to meet or study together.

And if your friend has created your Meeting Room, just enter the Meeting Code and join your friend’s Meeting Room.

Well that’s all how to use google meet for free. Hope it is useful.

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