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Easy Ways to Scan Documents to PDF on HP

How to Scan Documents on an Android Phone – In today’s technological era, smartphones are the main choice for doing all activities and activities.

With the convenience and sophistication of HP, it is easier for us to operate everything. One of them is that we can scan documents with just a cellphone.

In the past, people who wanted to scan documents had to go to a computer repairman or scan, they still used the help of laptops and printers.

But now scanning documents is very easy, with the application on your cellphone, you can scan documents into PDF form.

If you scan documents via your cellphone, you only need an internet connection and additional applications.

Immediately, here’s how to scan documents on an Android phone.

How to Scan Documents Via HP

As I said above, scanning documents on a cellphone is quite easy.

Only with a cellphone and also a scanner application called CamScanner.

Immediately, here’s how to use the document scanner application on an Android phone.

How to Use the Document Scan Application on HP

1. The first step, you download the CamScanner application [DOWNLOAD]

2. After successfully installing, then you open it CamScanner.

3. Next in the CamScanner application you select “Camera icon” lower right corner.

4. Then the next step you do a data scan.

5. After scanning the document, you can add a filter so that the scanned document results are better.

6. Next, to save the scan results as a pdf, simply select the icon “Share” and select “Share PDF“.

7. And finally, you can share pdf documents to social media, but my advice is to save it on your device. by selecting “Save To Local.

8. The scanned document has been successfully scanned to become a PDF.

Those are the steps for using the CamScanner application.

By using the CamScanner application you can also scan documents into PDF, Word or Excel.

And also I recommend using this application to scan documents, because this application has a filter feature.

So if the lighting when scanning a document is lacking, you can edit with this filter.

That’s all, how to scan documents to pdf on a cellphone and how to use the Cam Scanner application on a cellphone.

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