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How to Change WhatsApp Number Without Deleting Chat

How to Change WhatsApp Number (WA) – Often we have a problem when we want to change the SIM card on a smartphone.

By changing the SIM card, your cell phone number will automatically change.

And at the same time the number on your WhatsApp must also be changed so that later moving WhatsApp to another cellphone can be easily done.

So how do you change your WA number?

Here I will share a trick to change wa number without deleting contacts and chat/message history.

Changing WA Numbers Without Deleting Chats and Contacts

Many people reason that they want to change their WhatsApp number due to various factors.

One of them is changing the cellphone SIM card, so the number in WA is also better replaced.

Because the new number associated with WA is active if contacted by regular telephone or WA.

Because there are many good effects if you change your Whatsapp number, here’s how to change the correct WA number.

Steps to Change WhatsApp Number

1. First you open the WhatsApp application, then click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Settings“.

2. Then select the option “Account“.

3. Next select the option “Change Number

4. Click “Carry on

5. Then a menu will appear, then enter the old cellphone number in the top box

6. Next Enter the new mobile number in the box below and click “Next“.

7. There will be an option “Tell My Contacts and Specials“, where you choose to notify the contact or not. If you select Check then all your WA contacts will get a notification that your whatsapp number has changed. (I suggest ticking)

8. Click “Finished“.

9. The final step will be to verify the new phone number.

10. Done. The new number has been successfully replaced from the old WA number.

What are the Impacts of Changing WA Numbers?

But there is also the impact of changing the phone number on WhatsApp. Here’s the impact that happens if we change the WhatsApp number.

  • WhatsApp contacts don’t know your number has changed.
  • It’s easier later if you want to move WA to another cellphone.
  • The WA number corresponds to your active phone number.

Conclusion :

Just that Impact and How to Change WhatsApp Numbers Without Losing Chats and Contacts.

The conclusion is that if you change your WA number, it is recommended to use an active number.

Because when you change your phone number, WhatsApp will send a verification code to the new phone number.

That’s how to change a new mobile WA number.

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