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How to Hide Instagram Stories From Certain People

How to Make IG Stories Only Viewed by Certain People – Instagram is a social media application that is very widely used today.

Has an Insta Story feature where we can upload Stories in the form of text, photos or videos on Insta Stories on IG.

Just like WhatsApp stories, you can hide Instagram stories from certain people or people who can see your Insta Story.

Well, here’s how to hide Instagram stories from everyone or several people at once.

How to Hide Instagram Stories From Others

Actually Stories / Stories on Instagram have almost the same features as Stories on WhatsApp.

One of them is that we can hide the stories that we make from someone and even we can choose who can see the Insta Stories that we make on Instagram.

But for ordinary people it may be quite confused about How to hide Instagram Stories / Stories from certain people.

Here are the Steps on How to Hide Instagram Stories 2022

  • The first step before Post Story, you open Profile then select “Arrangement“.
  • Then you select “Privacy” and click option “Story“.
  • Just the next step you choose “Hide Stories From
  • And select or type the name of certain people who can’t see your Instagram Story. (Just Tick). note: Can choose more than one person.

After hiding an Instagram story from a certain person, every time you create a story that person will not be able to see the story you created.

But how to get it back so that person can see our story again?

The method is quite easy, you go to the method above and remove the “Tick” under Hide Instagram stories.

Well that’s all how to hide instagram stories from everyone. Hope it is useful.

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