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How to Tether HTTP Injector to PC Without Root

How to Tether HTTP Injector to PC Without Root – Tethering hotspot has the same function as connecting a PC device to wifi. Previously, for those of you who like to use free internet with the http injector application, have you ever thought about whether you can tether HTTP Injector to a PC? without root android. Of course, if you want to surf via a PC with an http injector on Android, you have to prepare some materials used for tethering an HTTP Injector to a PC so that you can connect to the internet on an HTTP Injector. need to be considered again before doing hotspot tethering to a PC, make sure your HTTP Injector is connected or connected to the internet. after that you just turn on hotspot mode.

How to tether hotspot via http injector without root

Actually, the method of tethering or hotspot via HTTP Injector to a PC is very easy and very simple. Previously, if you didn’t know about the HTTP Injector free internet application, you can read more about Free Internet Tricks With HTTP Injector. How to tether to a PC with the HTTP Injector application, you guys have a good look at the tutorial that NakBlogz will share at this time.

First of all, prepare the tools and materials for combat first. the ingredients are as follows:

  • A third-party application for PC, namely Proxifier, you can download HERE or on Google
  • A PC or Laptop
  • HTTP Injector application on android that is already connected

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HTTP Injector Tethering Tutorial to PC

1. The first thing to do is to install the Proxifier application on each of your PCs. After the proxifier application is installed on the PC, the next thing is to open the HTTP Injector application on Android and run it until it is connected to the Internet.

2. After the internet is connected via the HTTP Injector application, then you turn on the mobile hotspot on your android.

3. If it is turned on then open your PC or laptop and there will be a tethering hotspot but it cannot be used directly on the PC because the PC Status bar says No Internet Access.

4. Well… now is the time for you to use the Proxifier application that is already installed on your PC.

5. Open the Proxifier application, select it as shown below

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