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List of Most Popular Social Media Apps

List of Most Popular Social Media Applications – Nak Blogz

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Most popular social media app – Social media is currently very widely used by many people around the world.

But from the various social media that exist, all of them are some of the most popular social media to date. Previously, social media was an application or tool used to communicate with other people in this world.

Social media is not only used to communicate, social media can also be used for promotion of goods, or just to upload photos or videos. from several social media from the past until now.

NakBlogz will share tech info about the list of the most popular social media of all time. The following is a list of the most popular social media of all time by NakBlogz version:


This one social media is indeed very popular of all time. because by accessing Facebook you can upload photos, videos, and status updates.

Besides being used to communicate, Facebook as a social media is also widely used for the promotion of goods or services so that the goods or services that you post on Facebook will be immediately known by many people.

Facebook is a social media that can be accessed on all devices, from PC, Android, and other browsers. Therefore, Facebook has been named the number one list of the most popular social media of all time by NakBlogz Version.
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2. BBM (Blackberry Messenger)

The following list of the most popular social media versions of Nakblogz is BBM (Blackberry Messenger). This social media application is indeed liked by many people.

Because by using BBM social media you can chat with friends you have invited with BBM PIN.

because the nature of the BBM application is private, unlike Facebook, you can find someone easily, but for BBM you have to add your own friends or you are added by someone to join the BBM chat.

3. Instagram

This most popular social media is widely used by several high-ranking people or local artists.

Because Instagram’s security makes many artists choose Instagram as a tool to upload their photos or videos. Previously Instagram was a social media that allowed you to upload photos or videos.

However, photos and videos on Instagram are very difficult to save, if you don’t know how. and Instagram itself is the most popular social media application or tool of all time which is perfect for you to upload photos and videos.
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4. Line

As with other social media, using Line you can add friends by adding your friend’s ID or cellphone number.

Once accepted you can chat and the best feature of Line is video calls. by using line you will be able to call your friends by video call. This is what causes this social media to be popular today.

Therefore, this social media application is perfect for those of you who like to video call with friends or relatives.

5. Twitter

The most popular social media of all time is Twitter. Twitter is a social media that allows you to share status or other.

By using social media Twitter you can more easily access your friends. You can also use Twitter for online business promotion opportunities in addition to communicating with friends.

So it’s not wrong that Twitter is one of the most popular social media lists of all time, the Nakblogz version.

6. Path

Same with other social media by using Path as social media. will make it easier for you to communicate or just chat with close friends.

Path also allows you to upload photos. and can also send your chatting friends photos or other files.

Path is very popular as a social media besides being able to chat with friends, path can also be used to promote products that we want to sell so that they sell quickly.

7. Google Plus

This social media is a social media provided by Google. by using Google Plus you can get information or other things.

Because Google Plus provides features that are almost the same as Facebook, namely you can create a new status to share with friends or the community on Google Plus.

because it was inaugurated by Google, it makes Google Plus more complete and popular today for social media or online business.

Conclusion :

That’s the list of the most popular social media of all time by NakBlogz. Actually there are still many popular social media today, but NakBlogz only summarizes the best of the best, namely the list of the most popular social media of all time above.

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